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Ken Rohla: How to Neutralize Radiation and Chemtrails From the Sky, Your Garden, and Your Body Fresh And Alive founder Ken Rohla tells how to protect yourself and your environment from the heavy metals and radioactive nuclides ...

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What is Scalar Energy?

Scalar energy is faster-than-light spiraling  waves that continually branch in recurring patterns as they flow. Such recursive branching patterns are called fractals. Scalar waves         "coagulate," or slow down to slower than light (subluminal) speeds and can structure conventional electromagnetic energy and even become physical matter. The term scalar refers to their structure; unlike the usual side-to-side oscillating "transverse" waves such as those on the ocean, they are "longitudinal" more like a compression wave see the video to the right for examples. Scalar energy is often labeled with other names such as prana, chi or qi, zero point energy,                                             tachyon                                          energy, biophotonic energy, Rife energy, kundalini, life force, etc. They are all faster-than-light waves that can slow down and become particles, electromagnetic (EM) waves, and matter, or alter the structure of EM energy. The scalar energy frequencies generated by Fresh And Alive's devices are very beneficial and support health and well-being.

Examples of Fractals

Examples of Longitudinal (Scalar) Waves

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