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Goddesses of GANS and Keshe Plasma Devices - Heather & Whitney - 21st Century Superhuman

Join host author Cary Ellis with "goddesses of GANS" Heather & Whitney - as they share discussion and images of all their amazing projects in the Keshe plasma technology - health tools, community plasma fields and more...

Ocean GANS

Easy pens



Amino acid harvest

Facebook - Montana Keshe Self Power Workshop

Whitney Fisher has been learning and building plasma technology since released in October last year. She created the Montana Self Power Workshop with the goal of setting up a structure that can be simply replicated in any area and would allow people to come learn and build plasma devices for themselves and others. In Montana, the Workshop as a community effort has put into place over 30 individual magrav coils to create a grid of Peace. You can receive a coil and be part of this grid by helping the workshop get off the ground with donations, monetary and physical resources, to inquire email

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