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Dr. James Oschman Discusses Earthing or Grounding Internationally renowned natural health physician and

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Tips to Benefit from Grounding Indoors and Out—Including Using a Grounded Yoga Mat to Thin Blood and Thwart Inflammation

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The Vital Importance of Grounding ~ It's Summer Time ...... Kick Off Your Shoes!

                June 21st marked the first day of the summer solstice. The summer solstice is a time when we move from the spring season into the summer. It is a time when the sun, the moon and the earth realign themselves and shift energies from one vibration to the next, creating the longest days, shortest nights, and warmest climate of all the seasons. There is always full communication between Mother Earth and Father Sky, so this summer, join the communion by taking off your shoes and standing, sitting, or walking barefoot on the soil, grass, or sand. This process is referred to as "Earthing" or "Grounding," and it works wonders on our vitality, health and well being.
Earthing is known as the process of establishing conductive/electrical contact between the surface of the Earth and the surface of the human body, allowing positive ions to be discharged from the body and replenished with negative ions from the surface of the Earth, which contains an abundance of healing energy. Positive ions cause tremendously undesirable physical and emotional effects when they are not discharged and released from the body. The instant our feet touch the Earth, those damaging positive ions are exchanged for negative ions from the Earth, promoting wholeness and wellness in the entire system.
For thousands of years, humans were in constant and direct contact with the surface of the Earth. We walked in bare feet and slept on the ground. Not surprisingly, our ancient ancestors had far fewer health conditions than we do today. Unfortunately, modern lifestyle has disconnected us from the natural circadian rhythm of the planet. We eat unnatural foods, wear artificial clothing fibers, sport high-heels and insulated rubber or plastic-sole shoes, each of which serve to further detach us from the natural rhythm and vibration of the Earth, to which all plants and animals are naturally attuned. This disconnection makes us more vulnerable to stress, illness and disease. Earthing/grounding reconnects the human body with the rhythmic cycles of the Earth's energy field, synchronizing biological clocks, regulating hormonal cycles and normalizing physiological rhythms.
Scientific studies have proven the health benefits of regular grounding. Subjects of the experiment were divided into two groups. The first group was "earthed" each night during sleep, while the control group remained without contact with the Earth. By the end of the experiment, the group that was grounded consistently was shown to have improved thyroid functioning, decreased blood glucose (in diabetic patients), and heightened regulation of the endocrine and nervous systems.
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