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DCA - Cancer Cure Discovered - But YOU can't have it....

DCA is an odourless, colourless, inexpensive, relatively non-toxic, small molecule. And researchers at the University of Alberta believe it may soon be used ...

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Comment by Ravi Raju on July 14, 2010 at 2:25pm

JudyDowell - January 27, 2010
I was diagnosed with stage 4E Mantle cell lymphoma on Feb 1, 2007. I was given 6 months to 18 months to live with or without chemo bu the UC Ohio Oncology dept. I took DCA from May 2007 until Oct.2007 since I had no hope at that point. My bone marrow was 50% compromised with lymphoma and I had huge nodes throughout my body in my abdomen and pelvic areas, I had severe bone pain (nerves on the sheath of the bones caused from swelling within the bones), I had tenitis, severe sounds of chain saw like sound, or like mini bikes, that kept me awake most all night so a lack of sleep too. I had numbness on the left side of my face and jaw bone pain which was severe. I had night and day sweats. I had edema around my waist. BUT, once i began taking the DCA, all the symptoms went away. By the 4th month being on DCA, I ran out and couldn’t find more. The DCA did cause a minor amount of neuropothy in my fingers and toes, but as soon as I went off of the DCA, the neuropothy went away. I had also been taking B vitamine to counteract the numbness, which helped very little. HOWEVER, Vinchristine, used in R-CHOP, also caused neuropothy, only problem with vinchristine is, neuropothy doesn’t go away after you stop taking it, the sensory nerves are permanantly damaged and the nerves have to grow back and that takes years. DCA on the otherhand, the neuropothy goes away as soon as the DCA is out of your system. I went through R-CHOP, stem cell harvesting, and extensive chemo, then a BMT and was released from the Hospital on May 20th, 09 Cancer free. Amazingly, the bone marrow that previously was 50% compromised had been cleared and there was no lymphoma in my bone marrow after the 4 months of taking the DCA. When I could not get DCA in November 2007, I noticed a node in my neck, the cancer had begun to grow again so I had another bone marrow aspiration and my bone marrow had no lymphoma. The DCA cleared that up, eliminated all my symptoms, and then I went through the BMT to clean up the rest of the mantle cell lymphoma stage 4. I am a success story! I am today cancer free and a true believer in DCA. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Do you work for the FDA? I’m sure any oncologist with a heart would love to use DCA but the Stage 3 human trials are so expensive, no one would be able to make their money back. Shame on them. Shame on Big Pharmeceuticle companies and the oncologists killing needlessly people who are too weak for extensive chemo, our elderly, our young. Shame on them! DCA does work. I am a human and I tried it, and it worked. Isn’t it just unnerving that a simple and inexpensive product like DCA can do so much good and all because of the FDA, people at the end of their rope are not permitted to self treat with such a wonderful chemical. You can’t get high on it, there is nothing recreational about it at all, just the possibility of living. Staying alive was my first priority so I used it, and I did live. Even my oncologist that refused to believe in DCA back in 2007 admitted to me that I was definately onto something. Well, do you think? He gave me 6 months to live feb. 01, 2007, and here it is Jan. 2010. I’m alive.
Comment by Marie on July 14, 2010 at 12:51am
Hooray for my town! And the U of A! this is good news!

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