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best official hearing on the Climategate scandal (update)

The people who try to deny there was any serious wrong doing are nothing more than people who get paid to lie and remember these are real profesional liers who are also experts at using the media to promote propaganda that the public will feel as being in the interest of the people.These guys use were not all worried about there data being sent out as being bogus They had never thought that someone would have the balls to go up against this highly funded science data collection unit this was actualy the first whistle blower that handed over in there own hand typed words that proved the data leaving that research center had to show for the record with no contrary doubt that the globe was warming up due to pollution from the people on the planet and these politicians were getting this scientific data from the suposed top scietist of the world on the facts supplied as a result they could impose tax on producers of this global warming cause this tax wuld get them several trillion dollars in tax money that the UNITED NATIONS WOULD RECIEVE TO ENFORCE ON THE WORLD GLOBAL LAWS TO CURB THIS DISASTER FACING OUR PLANET

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