Saviors Of Earth

The Unification Epicenter of True Lightworkers

Narrated, directed, and edited by:
Roger Ingraham

Panache Desai
For events, gatherings, or more information:

Produced by:
Roger Ingraham
Steve Munn

Music composed by:
Matt Gates

Tenzin Choegyal
Heart Sutra - Monlam

Video Excerpts

Hearts and Minds
BBS Productions, 1974

Zeitgeist: Addendum
Peter Joseph, 2008

Many thanks to all the online backers who collectively funded this together!

Special thanks for the generous support of:

Susan Corso
Karyn Bender
Niklas Schrimpf
Josh Steinbauer
Cindy Ceteras
Judy Wadas
Shannon McCarthy
Joseph Wilkins
Jennifer Eazarsky
Steve Munn
Liz & Tony Ingraham
Rob & Joan Ingraham

Special thanks to Panache & Jan Desai.

Some footage in this educational short film has been respectively used
in accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine of U.S. Copyright Code Section 107.

Not-for-profit public screenings of this short film are highly encouraged!



Carol Goddard -

Jim Carrey on "Awakening" -

Deborah Anderson, Death Experience -

Eckhart Tolle -

Not physical beings -

Out of Body "Shot out of top of my head" -

My earliest Experiences with Spirits -

Wandering Master -

Michael Brown on "The Defining Moment TV" -

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