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There is way too many girls and not enough musicians. So I find my self intwirled with many drunken weekends. The color of the Sun.. consumes my soul. I can see your intentions with that spark in your eye. There is a mirrored reflection of how you look inside. If you think you can try to hide it.. you are just fooling yourself. Im not the only one that sees this. You resonate perfect... Too bad you aint worthe it. Vibrate, catch attention.. any way that you can! A sound, a shade, and a sensation, are encrypted and programmed. Shine it bright so they can hear you. Do you even know what that means? If you dont, you will soon find out. It comes in cycles. You resonate perfect. Too bad you wont work it. Your colors were worthless, till now.. Cold as rain, warm as the sunshine. Everyday happends all the time. Constant change, and it never dies. Everyday happends all the time.

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