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At 1:49pm on December 4, 2008, Dana said…
I gratefully accept your offer of friendship and will return it in kind. Much love and joy to you :)


At 10:53am on December 4, 2008, Woken2012 said…
funny you would say that, im getting my butterfly tat done as soon as get an old one removed.. thinking of using that Wreckingball tat remover they sell on line... I'll send you a pic when I get it done.
P.S. nice site.
At 10:18am on December 4, 2008, Becky said…
Nice page !! :)
At 7:42pm on December 3, 2008, nOah said…
Hey, nice place my friend!
Thanks for Add!

Cheers! L&L!
At 2:31pm on December 3, 2008, Ahmose said…

At 11:42am on December 3, 2008, Ismail said…
yoyo UK is good at moment, bit sadness from what happened in India...Sad world man...We are in 21st century and still people have thoughts of harming one another...Peace will prevail bro...I am going to join your group you have created..thanks for the message..:-) Ish
At 11:31am on December 1, 2008, Ahmose said…
Welcome my friend :)
At 11:59pm on November 27, 2008, Ismail said…
Hey bro in Light and Love
Thanks for the addy...Lets spread the love all aroung us and to our mother earth and live in this beautiful world in peace forever.
Love,Light and Laughter from London
At 7:12pm on November 27, 2008, Maitaki said…
Hi Zell.....Nice to meet you here.
We are the family of the New Earth.


At 11:12am on November 26, 2008, Jure said…
Here u have some info on Solfeggio Freq. and

Love & light :)
At 8:11am on November 26, 2008, Golden_Angel_K said…
Yes!, as you can see it`s my favorite game. I feel identify with it because if you remember this character sacrifices himself for all. I am like that. Well, hope that you have a great day !

Love and Light !

At 7:31pm on November 25, 2008, Golden_Angel_K said…
Hi ! Welcome to Our home of light

At 6:09pm on November 25, 2008, Rainbow Warrior said…
welcome home.
love and light
At 9:26am on November 25, 2008, Zell said…
I am happy to be part of a site that is all about love, light and evolving spiritually. I can't tell you guys how much most of the population in Miami are so ignorant, closed minded and negative. Well hope we can make a difference by spreading the vibration of Love around the world, as well as around the Universe.

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