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Comment by Carolyn Pleiadian Ambassador on January 2, 2018 at 6:13pm

Yeah we'll never be able to unify against them until this crap stops.  i too have made this very very clear. People still fall for this divide and separate this manipulation tactic of control. Keep us infighting so we don't see the real threat to our evolution as a species. I get it and people need to start getting it QUICK.

MUSLIMS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE SCAPEGOAT I FEEL BAD FOR THEM THEY HAVE BEEN MANIPULATED LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. They have been hyped constantly in the Draco media as the bad guys... terrorists...hating western people and wishing death upon them and people can't see the game being played. very few are extremists but this is all you hear about and its all by design.

Don't forget how 911 was the biggest lie blamed and perpetrated on them. The biggest but just one of many.  Most of the west an east are just puppets being pulled by Alien strings by their software program.  

We really got to get it together and get clear on whats real and whats not we really do

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