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World Wide Prayer Request - APRIL 7TH - 12 Noon --- PLEASE DISTRIBUTE

Our friend Bill has written a prayer for us which is very good and touches the heart. However, I think all of us should pray our own little prayer in our own words on April 7th, 12 noon, EST. I, for one, would have to read Bill's prayer and I want to say my words and not have to read. We can make it lengthy or short - our choice.

God hears all prayers regardless of what we say.

  • I do think we need to pray for the bankers who have loaned the money and may they find a way to replace the funds.
  • We should pray for our leaders of our country and may they find their way and stop their evil doings.
  • At the same time I think we should thank God for all the many blessings of life.
  • God, if it is your will, please restore our country and let us receive our packets so we can benefit others less fortunate.
  • Let's don't forget about the little sweet animals who are suffering and may we find a way to help them.

Folks, it is your choice to whom you pray but I do like the Meditation that Bill has written (edited by John) and I think we would be wise to follow.

Bill’s Prayer (edited by John):
Creator Source and all those in the higher realms who are assisting with Earth’s Ascension into the Golden Age, we pray for divine intervention to assist in the release of the prosperity programs to all the recipients and all the funding that follows the ‘Announcements’, so that we can help usher in the new Golden Age and create Heaven on Earth. We pray for assistance from those above and the spiritual hierarchy to see to it that we don’t have any more delays, road blocks, hindrances, blockages, or interference by the dark forces. We pray for a speedy release, as well as divine protection for all the delivery people, the packets themselves, and all the recipients. We also pray that the ‘earth allies’ will have more assistance from those in the higher realms to complete any remaining task that need to be done before the announcements can be made. We pray for divine intervention to get the ‘Announcements’ done, and we also pray for a smooth transition to the new banking system, the new metals backed currency, regime change, world-wide debt forgiveness, disclosure of all cover-ups, and ending of all wars so that we can usher in World Peace. We pray for justice to commence and help with any arrests that need to be made. We pray for the suffering that people are experiencing to come to an end so that we go forward with our divine missions. We pray for the consciousness of mankind to continue to rise so that they can come into their divine missions of service to others. We thank you for all that we have and all the prayers that have been answered on our behalf. We now claim it to be done. So be it. Amen.

Bill’s Meditation (edited by John):
After praying the above prayer, go into silent meditation. See the prayer you just prayed as energy packets going out into the universe and see it is being heard by those in the higher realms. See yourself linking up with everyone participating in the prayer and meditation. See your heart center opening up and a beautiful pink love energy coming from your heart center to all those in the higher realms that are overseeing planet earth. Allow yourself to receive love back and be in a state of joy as you see help descending on the planet. See the prosperity packets being delivered to all the recipients. Picture the excitement of people receiving their bank documents. See the announcements happening world-wide and hear all the positive changes being announced. See the armada of ships from our galactic friends coming into our atmosphere. See the skies covered with our galactic friends and their ships sending out love energy to the inhabitants of earth. See these advanced craft landing all over the world for the grand celebration that will commence. See prosperity reaching all the people of earth and eradicating poverty. See Mother Earth being restored to her pristine condition. See the skies clearing up and turning into a rainbow of colors. See the beautiful mountains and all the waters, lakes, rivers, oceans being purified to their original state. See free energy technologies powering our homes and running our cars and the end of oil and fossil fuels. Visualize our galactic friends setting up healing centers all over the planet and everyone coming into vibrant health. See everyone’s needs being met and joy breaking out all over the planet. See the vibration of the planet increasing and everyone being bathed in the love energies as we move into the 5th dimension.

LORD’s Prayer
This is a prayer to OUR LOVING LORD, YESHUA JESUS CHRIST, a scientific proven entity, to assist man’s efforts into making our planet a “heaven on earth” and help us in your directive of the “meek will inherit the earth.

Please place anointing blessings on your army, to assist in the prosperity packages distributions and the Recovery Of America in GOD’s name.

John MacHaffie a humble servant of the LORD

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