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Why Can't "they" just give us some solid proof?

Yes, I was excited to see Nasa's video of the Jupiter ignition. The satellite "Stereo" sent back good evidence that this was true. I was happy to finally get some real evidence...imagine, a new sun in the could anyone deny the truth? Channellings from the past are accurate! But again, I am overwhelmed by disappointment. Nasa's videos from Stereo satellite had the same results last year when Jupiter was behind the sun. It must be some kind of lense star burst effect.

Some one help. What is going on? Why has every proof fallen through? Makes me think that this is all just some kind of master plan by the illuminati. "Yeah, catch the "way out" people that have fallen through the cracks, the people that do not believe in our lies, the mass TV hypnosis, and the false media, etc. Give these "Far out" people something to distract them! Lets give them 2012! We will set into motion a massive crazy lie about love and light and heard these stray cattle into submission." What happens when 2012 comes and goes and nothing happens? Please someone give me hope?

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Comment by Dawn of Light on February 18, 2009 at 11:24am
Thank you, everyone, so much! And I feel better that everyone can relate to how I feel. Last night I went on the Site Divine Cosmos and David's blogs and articles were very informative and up to date. He never once stated that this or that was going to happen at a certain time, which makes me feel better and hopeful. Thankyou Kihanyaking for some solid proof, this was exactly what I needed! :)
Comment by Kihanyaking on February 18, 2009 at 1:25am
Today the 18th Feb, I looked at a financial newspaper and saw the photo of an electric car, that looks like an egg, parked some place in a parking lot next to an SUV and I thought, FINALLY!! Some sort of physical 3d evidence of what the channelers have been calling soon, soon soooooooon. Next, I look at Mark H's this guy has some info that resonates with me I tell ya...and he says the stock markets are at 7500 or something like that and reminds me that the stock markets will be devinely stopped when the stocks are at 7200. He says that it could be any time this next week. Am waiting for that. If it does happen, then my spirits are even higher because that will represent evidence that I can see, that the dark has actually agreed or been forced to let go of our financial system. I also hear that the ZPMs are now at 98 point something percent, where Ashtar gives them the final push and then KZAAASK! no body can throw explosives at another. There n then, peace would have to be declared and Nesara with it, along with first contact. Tell ya what, we were almost getting tired of the soon soon sooon, but I think I see something happening peeps. It's true, it's here.
Comment by Andromeda on February 17, 2009 at 2:23pm
I just think, feel what is within your heart, what rings true and right for you? Read whatever any channeler says and take it or not, believe it or not. It is hard, i have found it hard also as I have pretty much put all of my effort, time, heart and love into research and learning yet sometimes I also think "well hang keep saying soon.....but when is soon?????"

Listen to yourself and stand strong in whatever conclusion your heart comes too. It will happen, something and something good is happening and we are in a space in time that feels like limbo, stuck in between two worlds, we will jump soon, feel it.

I know it is difficult, I for one am someone who understands totally and utterly what you are saying. but ask yourself this, if we dont have this to believe in.....what actually is there?

My love and hugs to you in yours and everyones quest for what is true, honorable and from love, the source.

xxx shelley xxx
Comment by Dawn of Light on February 17, 2009 at 1:06pm
I was on such a positive path. I thought for sure I had found truth for myself. I think I would have no doubts on 2012, and would be happily sharing all that I have learned to everyone, if all these channelings of what is supposed to happen and when weren't introduced into my knowledge. This person channeled this... that person channeled this....and guess what? Nothing has materialized. And what is their excuse...always?...our fault....we were not ready or we were not collectively in a positive vibration, etc. So when 2012 comes and goes, do you know what their excuse will be?...yes...we as a whole were not ready for the process. Life will go on as usual. I'm sorry for the negativity, please someone put me on a positive note. Am I one of the few that that feel this way? Does everyone believe all these channelings from people we don't even know? Again sorry if I am being so negative. Love and light...LOL
Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on February 17, 2009 at 12:25pm
when you start seeing the truth for yourself, then you will know..
Comment by Dawn of Light on February 17, 2009 at 12:14pm
Thanks, but all we have is hope. Where's the proof? I'm getting so discouraged. I just keep thinking... what better way to stop a rebellion or mutiny against the illuminati, than introduce love and light to the non-believers of their huge plan. Since we believe in love and light, we will pretty much just lay down and take whatever they deal out to us up the you know what.
Comment by Mosher79 on February 17, 2009 at 11:45am
Dawn, when the nice weather comes, sit in your back yard, stare up at the sky and hope!!!! Something will happen before 2012, I have no idea what that'll be, but keep an open mind.
Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on February 17, 2009 at 10:38am
patience, we have a few more months to see it.
in the meantime, theres always the (new) moon and its odd hologram-like popouts to see and give you hope.

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