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Who is Channie, and from where comes her information?

As I have been asked to, I´m gonna tell you about Channie:

First a word from Wistancia, Wistancia gave her blessings to share Channie´s words with you;

Channie C. Centara’s main body is not from this planet. Her work, as the Universal being she is out there, has brought her here to help Earth in its progress and transformation into the New Earth, the evolution and the coming of a New Era. By her side are Extra-terrestrials from the Light side and the Love side, Angels, Archangels, and Light Beings. She is very much connected with all of these realms and her work has been with them. As a human, living in Sweden, she was contacted when she was five years old by physical beings from another planet.

Channie’s work of gathering people together whose purpose is to help Earth in its progression into the New Energies, has brought her to many places in the world. She has traveled all over this world opening portals, but has also traveled to worlds and places in her human physical body with physical Extra-terrestrials and physical angels. She is a teacher in Universal knowledge's, teaching many things in different areas – technological, scientific, spiritual and also in White Time Healing, gemstones, and everything connected with the Universe. She teaches humans how to get in contact with the Universe, in order to understand and see things that are beyond.

She works with scientists and inventors in many countries and has done medical research with doctors and professors in White Time Healing for over 4 years. She has authored three books in Swedish - about her life encounters and the knowledge's of the different levels of existence within the Universe. The English translation of the first book is called My E.T. Diary. This book is like no other book that has ever been written on this planet. The title says it all. And the frequencies and high Light knowledge and encodements contained within it, will bring shifts and openings to a reader.

Channie was contacted when she was 5 years old by physical beings from another planet. She has continued that contact for 41 years on a daily basis. Channie works with the Light Extra-Terrestrials, Angels and Light Beings. She always says, from her direct experience, that they all work together in harmony. One aspect of her mission with them is to help Earth in its spiritual evolution that reaches out through the Whole Universe. Through the years, Channie has been educated in Extraterrestrial knowledge's such as: Science, Technologies, Chemistry, and Languages, to name a few. She now speaks over 36 different languages from different planets. She has been working with and helping to inspire scientists and inventors in their fields.

Channie owns her own spacecrafts and collects items from different planets to share. She points out that we can easily measure and understand Extraterrestrial travels. She is the principal teacher of White Time Healing in Sweden and teaches many diverse classes. She works in many capacities and on many levels for the evolution of Present Earth into New Earth. She is a liaison, a bridge, a voice and an intermediary between dimensions. The gifts and knowledge that she brings are instrumental in changing consciousness and lifting to a higher dimensional quality.

Channie is also a personal friend of mine and my teacher for White Time Healing on Earth. I feel she is my oldest and truest friend for my memory of her goes back to before Creation. My experiences with her have been very valuable and not possible to capture in words. Her information comes from direct traveling experiences in the physical and her friendships, physically, with other dimensional beings. Sometimes people’s minds have not been able to understand that she is speaking of physical encounters in physical ways. For this and many reasons, her presence in my life has opened up many doors to perception and offered me a look at the infinite possibilities that exist for Life in our Universe.


And here a little from me;
Many humans has been taught by E.T´s and has different tasks on this planet. As for Channie, she is the Ambassador for Universal White Time Healing on Earth. 1993 Channie taught UWTH to a few in Sweden, one of those people became one of my teachers in UWTH. Wistancia, headteacher for USA, is also a teacher of mine.

The courses you can take from Channie and Wistancia are:
UWTH 1-4, healing and work with the force of White Time (White Time is past, present, and future in one unit).
NET (New Earth Transformation) 1-9, work for Mother Earth and us, to make her ready for The New Earth.
Gemstone Healing 1-4, healing and work with the force of WT.
Beyond 1-4, learning about "how nothing became everything" before our Creation.
10 Transcripts, learning of "The Highest Truth".

Note: UWTH 5 is set to be taught on other planets and NET 10 is set to be taught on The New Earth.

More about these teachings you can find on Wistancia´s site:

Channie also is a Cha member, outside Earth. Cha is explained in another blog, of mine:

All of my blogposts are information I´ve gotten from Channie, parts of it through Wistancia. Some of them by e-mail and others from Wistancia website.

Love and Light and Joy to you.

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