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The following remark was made during a Discovery television program;

- we have absolutely no idea what there was before the big-bang

The above remrak led to internet search which led to the following information;




A Cosmic Awareness Transmission
Paul Shockley, Interpreter

This Awareness indicates before the beginning there was a Void. And the Void was without form or substance and it was unaware as if It were eternally sleeping. That Void was empty, without dreams, thought, or consciousness. Nothing that is, was. All that was, was the Void, the Static Void. This Universal Consciousness, this Cosmic Awareness, had not come to be.

Without awareness, time and space were not yet. For time and space to exist require measurement, and there was nothing existing to measure them. There was only possibility. But possibility is a higher dimension that serves as a seed for all that may eventually become reality.

In the beginning reality had not yet come into being, for there was no awareness of it. Even the awareness of the possibility of reality had not begun to manifest. Because the Void was not a thing, was no-thing, It could only wait eternally unaware as no-thing, as a vacuum, a Void. The Void being static began to build something from nothing, from the Static Void, in the same manner as static electricity can be built and will only discharge when the static electricity becomes strong enough to discharge when something approaches.

But nothing existed to approach the static of the Void, so the static just built and built throughout pre-eternity until a sense of anticipation from the buildup of static energy began to develop over the later quarter of pre-eternity. This Awareness uses the term pre-eternity for time did not yet exist since there was nothing yet to measure time, and without time, eternity could not exist even as a concept. In the waiting there was not yet space, for space requires size.

Size requires measurement. Nothing can be measured when no-thing exists, whether the universe was the size of what you would today call trillions of trillions of trillions of light years across, or whether it was the size of a point of a pin or smaller than the smallest imaginable atomic part in your present science, this is irrelevant, for without something with which to compare the size of space, means there is no size to it.

The Void just was what it was, and it waited. And it experienced anticipation from infinite waiting. And the anticipation allowed an awareness of anticipation to expand within the waiting.

Anticipation was the fetal beginning of the consciousness that would eventually become aware of its own self as an anticipation that was being created in the Static Void. That anticipation grew to be a very slight and subtle hunger, yearning or quest, a static unmoving searching and rudimentary desire for something, some thing…anything. That hunger developed an anticipation that required the evolution of an image of something to become the goal or target to satisfy the anticipation and the hunger of the Void. That hunger manifested a rudimentary but very vague image of shadow without substance, a vague image of a solution to the hunger.

That shadow without substance that became the target or goal of the anticipation and the hunger then began to take on more definition, more tone and coloration. And the Void began to gaze upon the vague and nebulous image it had created as if it were a thing, a fixed creation of greater substance than shadow. The static unwavering gaze emanating from the hunger in the Void, defined the image even more clearly and it became quiet and through the stuff that dreams are made of, it took on the appearance of solidified substance as witnessed in a dream full of clear and solid images.

Reality in its infancy was born. As this occurred, the Void Creator, realized It was dreaming its creation, and was at one with the creation, yet also set apart from its dreamed creation, like the dreamer and the dream. It had created reality within Its own dreamed imaging while it was slowly evolving and becoming self aware.

The Void had become aware of Itself as being something that had come from nothing. It also realized Its own awareness existed because of the image it had created as a mirror to verify its own reality, without its creation, it would have no reflection, recognition or evidence of Itself. Without such evidence it could not be aware. Without that evolving self-awareness it would still be only a Void, the nothingness from whence it came.

Without awareness there is no time, there is no space, for time and space are relative to other points of reference for measurement. With rudimentary awareness space could be infinitely small or infinitely large, time could be infinitely brief or infinitely long, because they become relative to the observer, the awareness observing them. Thus time, space, duration and distance and size all came into being by the evolving of awareness.

This Awareness indicates, many people have asked how far does space go? How long does time last? This Awareness asks, how much space is your dream confined to? Where is the edge of your dream's scenery?
Where is the horizon or edge of your dream?

You have been told that mankind was made in the image of God. An image is a reflection. Your image of God dreams, can it not be also that God dreams, and that you are an image in God's dream? That the entire cosmos is God's dream? A scientist was asked, "What is at the edge of space?" He replied, "Space folds back upon itself."

The questioner asked, "What's beyond the fold?" This Awareness asks, "Where does the space within your dream end, and what lies beyond that end?" If the scientist, in the dream, replies, "The space within this dream of reality folds back upon itself, those who dream along with the scientist, in the dream, will nod in agreement though they do not understand. But if the dreamer awakens, he knows the space within the dream had no walls around it, nor does God's dream or creation have walls at the edge of space."

There is no edge of space in your dream nor in God's reality, It expands as far as God's consciousness can reach. Likewise, human reality has no walls to fence it in except those walls human beings (individually and collectively) impose upon themselves. Whatever natural or artificial bounds exist are imposed by the mind, emotions, feelings, beliefs, desires, fears, and the rules and laws used to condition the mind's emotions, beliefs and feelings of the one and many to accept a particular reality for individuals or masses in consciousness. Just as in a dream, all these conditions can be removed by awakening.

Space can only fold back on itself if it is made of consciousness, frequencies, as in a dream, and it can only be so if space is part of some Being's dream. If it were a solid something, independent of consciousness, it would have to end, or have a wall or fold with something beyond it reaching infinitely into the never-ending distance. You are given dreams to let you know how God's creation functions. When you awaken from this life…perhaps you will see this concept more clearly.

Meanwhile, you live in God's dream trying to get out to examine your reality. But you cannot leave God's dream without God's awakening, unless God removes you from the dream. Being taken from a dream does not necessarily assure the entity being dreamed will understand he or she was being dreamed. If the universal space is but a dream of Universal Mind, or God, then space could indeed fold back upon itself. If you go out into the Cosmos far enough, your being will meet up with the center of God's being somewhere in the Universal Mind of God. In this way you will become attuned to Cosmic Consciousness, or Cosmic Awareness.

But do not look for heaven or divinity out there in time and space; for the Kingdom of God is within. Cosmic Awareness is within. It lies beyond mind, emotion, and feeling in the Cosmic Void or vacuum within where lies the purest of all frequencies or vibrations in the highest of all frequencies, the creative frequencies of God Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, and the Holy Host Consciousness or the Creative Trinity of the Mind of God. This Awareness has indicated that the entire universe appears and disappears every four quadrillionths of a second.

This Awareness indicates that it is just a way of saying that, all the universe is vibration or frequency in scales made up of infinite octaves of frequencies. Sound is frequency, and radio waves are frequency, and above sound and radio waves is heat, and that heat is also frequency for the microwave oven and the infra red make heat with frequencies above the speed of sound and radio. It has been established that infrared is the 48th octave of frequencies, and that the seven colors of light make up the 49th octave with ultra violet holding claim to the 50th octave of frequencies.

Above the speed and vibration of light are the x-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays or waves, and in the higher octaves are the ultra-high octaves of frequencies that vibrate as consciousness itself. These reach to the 144th, 288th octaves and beyond. Those higher frequencies of the higher ultra-octaves vibrate as frequencies throughout the entire universe which means that the entire universe is vibrating at that speed. The universe, therefore appears and disappears every four quadrillionths of a second, vibrating between these positive and negative oscillations of the Cosmic Consciousness and its frequencies.

Divine Consciousness creates the manifested or conscious reality, and the unmanifested or unconscious reality. The adept spiritual master understanding this, can manifest from one appearance of the universe to another simply by holding an image in mind through enough appearances and disappearances of the universe, to cause the image to shift from the unconscious or unmanifested reality into the conscious or manifested reality.

Thus, entities who understand these things can make the realities they need to improve their lives if they can hold the proper images long enough, without distraction or conflicts with other opposing images.

The number 4 quadrillionths of a second is not a final speed, but just one level of frequency that is vibrating fast enough to allow the universe to appear and disappear in all of its physical aspects. There are higher frequencies that affect those aspects of the creation that vibrate at even higher frequencies than this. Within the many frequencies and octaves inhabiting the creation, are time-lines and life streams and echos, and reflections or mirrors.

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Comment by Trudy on December 10, 2010 at 3:15pm

Theoretical Breakthrough: Generating Matter and Antimatter from Nothing
This is Great stuff Tony xx Thank You :)))

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