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The purpose of life is what you make it to be. There are no set rules, only choices in this moment. Go inside yourself and discover what you would like to express in physicality. Follow the stream of energy that leads the way. Follow your intuition in every moment, and stay free from what bogs you down.

Life is to be enjoyed.

No one can tell you what your purpose is but yourself. If your purpose is to serve other people, then you will know inside. If your role is to be in love with yourself, you will know. If your role is to laugh and play and have fun, you will know. Don't let rules and regulations keep your spirit contained. Rules are for those that are afraid of their own greatness. Dare to face your own master inside, dare to take ownership of that God-Creator that lives within you. The master that is you lives within the blank spaces, he lives where no definition has been put. The master You, is to vast to be defined. It is All That Is, and it is You. It is both, you are not separate from God.

Your master sees it all for what it is. God, Devil, it is just definitions by the chattering mind. It is a false view of the Real reality, the reality without filters. Accept it all for what it is without labels, and you will start to see the world for what it really is, A Big Playground!

Go ahead and play, you could not go wrong if you wanted to. Everything is part of the game, and the so called evil is there to give you a taste of contrast. It is all good if you choose it to be. Let fear be what it is without putting your focus on it. Fear wants your attention, but you are the one to choose if you will let this illusion run your life. Feel the fear, but don't fear it. Fear can be a toy to play with, for fear is also just energy. It has no power to run you life, because you are the creator of it in your own life.

Do what you wish my friend without worry of consequences. Have fun and live every second as it were your last. Do this and you will enter the present moment with grace. Laugh, play and have fun. These are the ground rules for the new earth. If you choose it to be so, that is.

Make a choice and see where it takes you. If you don't like what comes, then choose again. Life is an experiment to be enjoyed, not feared. Fear has no substance if you just let it be what it is. Let it be, and the fuel will run out. Make that choice, make the choice to be fearless and courageous, and make the choice to love yourself for everything that you are. You are more than you might think you are, for you are All that is.

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