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What is the Astral Realm? (a repost) ~ by Janet D. Swerdlow

What is the Astral Realm? 1/10

In these “End Times” the Astral Realm will play an increasingly important role.  The time lines are being artificially compressed, which in turn affects the Astral Realm. Several people have asked for a copy of this article which I wrote several years ago.  Because I think the information is especially important in this vital period, I am going to post it in several parts for your review.  The first installment begins today:

What exactly is the astral realm and why does it get so much attention?

The astral is the thin energetic band around the Earth plane that holds the collective unconsciousness as well as Earth-bound energies and entities. This energy is easy to tap into because the astral realm is like a bridge between the physical Earth plane and the nonphysical realm of hyperspace. (cont’d)

What is the Astral Realm? 2/10

Most paranormal experiences occur via the astral realm. This is why the New Age directed everyone’s attention to such activities as astral projection, out-of-body experiences, and channelling. With everyone’s attention in the astral realm, no one thought to look beyond into hyperspace. People spent decades trying to do astral projections and learn to channel. What a great distraction for so many for so long!

The astral realm is where souls newly departed from their physical bodies go before journeying on into the deeper hyperspace realms. Many who are strongly attached to the physical have a mind-pattern which keeps them in the astral realm—the true state of limbo. Their mind-patterns do not allow these souls to move on nor go back into a physical body. These souls are stuck here until the mind-pattern changes.

These astral-bound souls are often Earth-bound because of their strong attachment to activities of the flesh, including food, alcohol, drugs, and sex. They hang around unsuspecting people, whispering at them to participate in these activities of their lower animal selves. (cont’d)

What is the Astral Realm? 3/10

Part 3

These astral-bound souls want to continue to experience the flesh even though they are not in the flesh. The closest way for them to continue these experiences is to share the body of someone still living.

These astral-bound souls do not want you to quit any addictive behavior because then they lose their tie to the Earth-plane. These types of souls are often vindictive, manipulative, and controlling. They have no regard for people now or nor did they before their passing. When the physical body is left behind, the active personality remains the same—it just no longer has a physical body.

Others in the astral realm include recently departed who do not yet know that they no longer have a body, or those who have a worry or concern about those people left behind. These souls may try to finish loose ends or fix something that they perceive was not corrected before their passing. These souls usually eventually find their way beyond the astral realm and into hyperspace once they are at peace.

This is why people are told to go to the “white light”—because this will take them into the astral realm where their energy can be used by anyone who wants to manipulate it. People passing out of the physical body need to go to the violet or gold light as these color codes provide safe and easy passage through the astral and into hyperspace. (cont’d)

What is the Astral Realm? 4/10

Part 4

The astral realm is where your undirected thought-forms hang out as they gather with other like thought-forms, garnering strength and energy. These thought-forms still belong to you energetically. However, they still gain strength and energy from other like thought-forms by intermingling. The thought-forms are still tied to you—kind of like a rubber band.

This is also how anyone who knows how to manipulate the astral realm can use you against yourself. All your undirected thought-forms can be manipulated and gathered into one place. If you have a weak place in your mind-pattern, and someone wants to target you, your own images and vices are propelled back at you. Energetically they hit you like a ton of bricks.

For example, you decide to give up drinking alcohol. Every time you want a drink the thought-form goes into the astral and is captured. If you think 20 times a day that you want a drink, that thought collects with the others in the astral realm.

After a few months, there are a lot of these thought-forms collected. One day you are abstaining from drink and doing really well, and the next day you are overwhelmed into drinking yourself silly. What happened? If you are a target, your own thought-forms were simply directed at the weak area in the mind-pattern. You accept the thought-form because you recognize the frequency as your own.

This same collection happens to humanity. Like thought-forms are collected, feeding a specific aspect of the collective unconscious. When humanity least suspects, this energy is whirled back at them. People wonder what happened and why. Anyone who knows how to manipulate energies can re-direct this collection of energy back to its origin.(cont’d)

What is the Astral Realm? 5/10

No one does anything “to” you. You only do it to yourself. Any thought-form can be collected, categorized and used against you. You create the weapon and you accept the weapon. Then you wonder why.

This explains the necessity of releasing to your Oversoul moment by moment, every day—so that your thought-forms do not take up residence in the astral realm, strengthening something that is not benevolent or for the benefit of Self or humanity.

These thought-forms can even combine to create astral entities that deem themselves deities – because they take on a life of their own. These astral entities know how to manipulate other thought-forms. To uninformed people, these deities look like gods of darkness.

If these gods of darkness do not have their combined thought-forms pulled back to the originators they can exist eternally. People who partake in Black Magick feed these gods of darkness. ( Cont’d)

What is the Astral Realm? 6/10

Sexual Ritual feeds the astral realm as this is where unharnessed, expended sexual energy hangs out. This is why wanton sex is encouraged. Everyone is told to have sex because it feels good. If you are not having sex or sex does not give you pleasure, then the current mode of thinking is that you need help.

The sex act is a great energy generator. When this creative sexual energy is not directed, it goes into the astral realm for collection and later use. This sexual energy is gathered in a giant holding pen, then turned on like a faucet and directed by those who know how to use this energy. Sexual energy is used to create a pathway to bring the nonphysical into the physical.

Use of hallucinogenic drugs opens you up to the astral realm. The drugs loosen the buttons of the chakra bands so that you are not tied into the body very well. This allows astral energies to enter into you as well as influence you. (cont’d)

What is the Astral Realm? 7/10

Once in you, these entities and energies are not always so easily disposed of. This is why some people have flashbacks after using drugs. They are not really having flashbacks—they are having another, new experience as they make contact once again with the astral.

These astral energies can attach to you, often when you are very young. If you have a traumatic experience, feel alone, and/or frightened, these astral energies will take the guise of friend and comforter. This usually happens when you are young enough to still see them.

You accept the energy because this is what gives you solace in your time of heartache, grief, and loneliness. Your acceptance is really an invitation. You invite the energy in, it attaches to you, and you do not realize what you are doing.

As life goes on, you are so accustomed to this energy that you do not even realize that the astral energy is not a part of you. These types of energies create havoc. Besides the physical issues previously mentioned, they stir up emotional issues.

For example, they do not want you to have stable relationships or happiness in your life, because then you might not need them any more, casting them out. These astral energies want you isolated, alone, and frightened so that the part of you who knows them, keeps them. (cont’d)

What is the Astral Realm? 8/10

Part 8

Sometimes these energies are already attached to you because of simultaneous existences when you might have been involved in Black Magick or activities of the flesh. Without awareness, these entities will continue to stay with you. Once you develop awareness then you can make your decisions.

This is why it is important to find out who you are by finding out who you are not. As you discard and dismantle who you are not, you go deeper into your own core. Ridding yourself of this extraneous baggage allows you to more clearly see yourself. Once you know what to look for, your decisions and choices become clearer, even though perhaps increasingly challenging.

Visiting the astral realm can be enticingly exciting. Most people hunger to know what lies beyond their current existence. The astral realm provides part of the answer, but not all of it. People do not look beyond the astral, thinking that the astral is the answer. The astral is exciting compared to the monotony of everyday life that most people experience.

But, the astral is fraught with danger. Most people do not know how to navigate or use the astral, so the astral winds up using them. People get sucked into it because the energies there consider the people gullible. The energies act friendly and benevolent until as some point, once the energies are adequately attached, they turn, using you when you least suspect it. (cont’d)

What is the Astral Realm? 9/10

Indigenous peoples knew how to navigate and use the astral realms. They used it in conjunction with Earth energies. They were experienced astral navigators. They passed their knowledge down from generation to generation. Sometimes they used hallucinogenic drugs to help enter the astral, but they knew what they were doing and how to do it. They prepared themselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

They cleansed their bodies and strengthened their mind-patterns. They became strong so that they could remain focused and balanced regardless of what they faced in the astral. Usually these people were the shamans of the tribes. The shamans had respect for its dangers as well as the knowledge that could be accessed there. This was not a hit and miss activity. Entering the astral was structured and purposeful.

There are Earth energies that support the astral realm and also provide easy access to the astral. Often these areas are swampy or dark areas. Many times burial and ceremonial grounds as well as churches are built on these geographic locations. The indigenous peoples knew that these grounds helped the passing of their peoples from one level to the next. These peoples used the boost of the Earth energies into the astral for their ceremonial grounds. (cont’d)

What is the Astral Realm? 10/10

Part 10

To stop others from easily accessing the astral realm the early churches often constructed their buildings on these grounds. This is why the churches are used for ritual. Even the hymns and prayers are developed with intonations (tones) that feed the astral as well as open the worshippers to receive the astral and today, ELF bombardments.

This explains why many churches have heavy energy, keeping the buildings dark and dimly lit, preferring candles to natural light. Many old cathedrals also have extensive burial chambers underneath them, or display old relics and bones. These are all ties into the astral realm.

There is a lot to explore in the astral realm. Some people do it consciously and willingly. Some explore it without understanding or caution. To enter the astral realm, you must be extremely strong on all levels to withstand all that it contains.

If you overestimate your strength, the astral will use you faster than you can blink. You can easily already be an unwitting pawn in this bridge between the Earth plane and Hyperspace. But, now that you are aware of Hyperspace, connect with your Oversoul and God-Mind. Allow your Oversoul to explain the specifics of the astral realm and any connection you have to it. You might be surprised at what you learn, so if you ask the question, be prepared for the answer, whatever it is. END

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