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We Must Become as a Child (Download) By Steve Beckow

We Must Become as a Child (Download)
By Steve Beckow

Jesus said thousands of years ago that we must become as a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Well, of course, Jesus is still with us today, speaking through John Smallman, Linda Dillon, Pamela Kribbe, and others. I await the day when he says you must source all your vasanas and be squeaky-clean to ascend to the Seventh Heaven.

I joke with you, but you get my drift. It’s our conditioned reaction patterns, our habits of resistance to life formed long ago that prevent us from flowing with life and finishing with the old Third Dimension.

And until we let go of all that old baggage, come into the present again, and allow the divine qualities that are inherent within us to emerge and take command of our being, as they did when we entered into life, we’re prevented from entering the Kingdom of Heaven that higher dimensionality is and condemned to continue experiencing and relating to the drabness of duality.

It’s becoming easier to let go of our “stuff,” but it still doesn’t happen automatically. We have to be willing to emerge from our rackets and numbers, our fears and resistances. We cannot insist on keeping our conditioned reactions alive and wanting to open in love and acceptance to the New World emerging...+

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