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We are all born, spirit into body. We are blessed with the life on
earth, the plane we have chosen, all our emotions intact, we are human ~
but we were still spirit first.

As we grow we seem to forget we are, and will always be spiritual, as we
are spirit first. We begin to search externally for what is and has
always, been within us.

We begin to believe we are lost, broken, alone, disconnected, and even
doing something wrong.

The world is not broken, and neither are we. We are in a perfect dance
of what is meant to be, all happening for a perfect reason, and in order
to see this, one must have faith.

Faith that life is exactly what it should be, yet we must remember
again, faith is not found externally in another, our faith is found
within each of us as we are all spirit first.

We are whole and complete, with our emotions intact. This life purpose,
this journey is found and experiences by being able to live each moment
of your life (good or bad) with all your human emotions in play, being
able to be content in the life experiences you are having.

To realize your life and your 'world' are already as they need to be and
your goal is to allow your mind to accept that contentment, seems to be
a pretty tall order, but remember, you are spirit first, perfect in
every way, and by adding this human form ~ you enhanced your journey,
you did not disconnect from it.

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