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We Are In The Shift
By Channie

See Yourself As A Child Now. Running Full Blast Forward Up The Hill To The New Earth

We are now In The Shift. What a lot of New Age people and spiritual people on Earth often do not understand is that we are now IN THE SHIFT. Many are waiting for it, setting it up, visualizing it, "co-creating it", meditating on it, invoking it, asking for it and everything and it is actually HERE. And Now. Could it be that it has not that much to do with the merit of humanity or with 144,000 or any other number? It is a Divine plan set from far away that impacts the whole Universe and has even much more to do with than even just one planet going up to a higher level.

We Are Being Prepared In These Bodies To Live In A Higher Dimension.

What if someone said that there is a different Earth, a New Earth and she is 2.76% larger and in a different Dimension. Could it be that humans RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE in our present bodies, (no matter how many bodies we have in the Universe) - are being prepared in these bodies to live in a higher dimension? Could it be that it is not "exactly" only about this planet purifying? Or transforming? Although she has begun that process, yes. Could it be that it is more about this planet going over to That Planet? Could it be that, well, this one has to later on be totally purified for you can't leave litter in space? Could it be that the really big purging and purifying, happens when we are not here any longer? But on the New Earth?

The Really Big Stuff Will Happen Later, When We Have Left The Surface.

My experience of what is happening is that some of the parts of the big transformation are happening on this planet now, but most of it, the really big stuff, will happen later, when we have left the surface. When Life has left the building! I feel that what is mostly happening now in the life here can be seen as people's chakras, cells, auras, electrons, organs, meridians, acupuncture points, skin, blood - EVERYTHING totally changing. That is big. And what that is doing is that that is sort of shifting people all over the place in order to get them into their respective right places of preparation that THEY need to be in in order to go forward. Low frequencies can not live in High frequencies. So there is a lot to do in a short amount of time. Could it be that this is why so many are moving, changing jobs, changing relationships, changing everything? I now see that many people are shifting and changing whether they see it that way or not. They are splitting up from families, homes, geographic locations; everything IS SHIFTING and changing now. I think it is important that things "land" in a certain way.

Knowing The Date Of The Shift

I totally get that knowing the date of things totally shifting is not allowed - why? When I woke up this morning I knew that people would do things totally different from now on if they had the exact date. And that would change things the way that they are supposed to be. In other words, in a person's "regular" life they need to take this step, make that turn, and meet this person, etc. But if they know a BIG DATE - they will not do the regular things that they normally do in an "abnormal time". They won't be doing those things because they will be trying to figure out the "Right" things to do to meet that "special" date. And therefore it is not allowed to know the timing exactly because the OTHER things are what have to happen along the way. Everything needs to go bit by bit. Step by step. Stone by stone. So that an entire shift will happen in a "natural" way within each one's steps of life. That is one reason. The other reason is that many factors determine the timing of such a Well Orchestrated Event. It is a collective effort, a universal effort, because Earth is not the only "one" going up and forward into a higher frequency. This solar system is also going. And Galaxies as well. The whole Universe has entered a new era of change. When a very large plan is under construction, the parts of the plan have something to do with each other. Everything affects everything. The energy of a galaxy affects the solar system which, in turn, affects the planets. The energy of a planet also turns and affects the solar system. And you and I. It is also true that the people out in the Universe and what they do for our Shift does very much. It is also true that the Earth herself is doing a lot. Could it also have something to do with the help that humans give to the Shift? Could it be a complete Plan which assistance coming from so many places and forces and persons, that the exact date may not even be "known." Could it be that it would be better not to assume that the beginning of the Shift is 2012? Could it be that that is the END of the Shift, instead?

People Have Not Really Understood What The Higher Self Even IS

Some of the strangeness and the choices and the disappointments that people are experiencing, are about things setting up right for each person. Things have to set up right for each person. Many people cannot meet their bills. Everything that people have studied in spirituality has taken us to some point on Earth, but none of it has been the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. Humanity has not had their full Universal connection, no matter how much channeling they think they have done. Humans were closed down in order to be here. Great strides have been made, but there is a lot of old stuff being held on to, that never was the truth, but only ONE STEP all along. These misconceptions are not people's faults. You could say we missed our "true perceptions" because we couldn't access them. So we reached to "Missed Conceptions" or concepts covered in the mists of forgetfulness and ended up with partial truths that never were really fulfilling. It isn't anyone's fault. People just have not been connected to their memories in the Universe and to their bodies there and to their higher knowledge and to their souls. People have not really understood what the higher self even IS. Could it be that forgiveness to everyone and everything could be the greatest healer at this time?


What I am saying is that everyone is undergoing Dramatic Shift and change. Not everything that is happening to people is personal. When you are living during the speeding up stages of a Shift, everything begins to fall apart because maybe it has to. Maybe it has to be rearranged. You cannot take so many things personally and think there is something wrong with you. The world is against you. The dark forces are at it again. Some things are just falling apart because they need to. They are wrong for us. They are at a low frequency which will not "hold" in a higher dimension. So we need to be able to see the hope and sort of sort out many of the things that are occurring now in our lives. Status quo is no more. There is no normal. We have said these things before but now they are everyday occurrences. All things are going up to a new level. Many people are with the wrong people and need to move. Need to in order to keep going forward. It is ALL ABOUT ENERGY Now.

My experience is that the planet's shift to a higher level is very very close. And part of what is happening is that people are shifting into different positions. It is not about karma anymore. It is more about karma finishing out. It is about being in the right place to make the shift and to be prepared for it. Everyone is changing places now. Like musical chairs and going to a higher pitch, a more melodious sound. Sometimes people feel they are being pried from the chairs. We are each being prepared now and all of us are getting ready to take another big step in OUR personal own and best direction.

We Are All Being Prepared To Live In A Different Kind Of World.

This is not an easy time for most because Everything is Shifting. Our blood, our cells, our auras, our chakras, our meridians, the people in our lives, the things that we do, our thinking, our habits - Everything. Our weight. Our purpose, perhaps. We are all being prepared to live in a different kind of world. And to whatever extent we need to shift our thinking patterns and let go of our fears and open to change and open to a whole new reality - it will impact us each differently. The thing is the whole life on Earth has been rather strange and locked down. No one here, for the most part, has known what their role is, their purpose, their connection to the Universe, what time is, who they are, what they are, and why they are here. All of these answers have been locked out of reach in order to live on this planet. But now it is all changing. And we all have to rise up in consciousness very quickly to keep pace with the planet who carries us into ascension. It is very strong for everyone, believe me, even if they are not admitting it or acting as if it is. it is strong for me. We are becoming someone else.

As long as we have gained from Universal understanding about yourself and the Whole Thing - we have gained in immeasurable ways and things. Never underestimate it. Life on a shifting planet isn't now always like living on easy street, but that does not mean that you are doing it wrong. Check your expectations. Check what you really want. Check into why you do the things that you do. See if you are alive in each moment. See if you embrace change. See if you are have fear of anyone who doesn't look like you and yet you say you are open to contacting extraterrestrials. See how open you really are to dimensional shifts. It will be important. For it is all in the process of change. How attached are we to any of our jobs or skills? Will they all be needed where we are going? What do we know about living in a higher dimension? What do we really remember? Please know it is going to take a lot of relaxing, a lot of trusting and a lot changing. But that is just it: We are being changed from the inside as part of the preparation. As I have always said, "We are becoming a new species of Light." That species will know how to adjust to a higher dimension. Those adjustments are being made now.

Life on Earth really has been hard for most people. People have to work hard at jobs they do not like to pay the rent and keep gas in their cars. That is what happened to this planet because of strange thinking. Because of things that happened a long time ago that upset the balance on the planet. This is all ending. Reversing the whole way of life here is what is underway now. It is a little while longer. It is hard here. For an aware, awakened person, it is often hard living in an Earth Body. But all of this is shifting and changing, cell by cell and minute by minute for everyone.
I promise that difficult situations will change. I recognize it as a strange time for many. But it will pass. We are all changing right before our eyes. We are being prepared to live in a world where people do not work for money in jobs they hate. Where values are different. It still has a way to go. Your angels, your guides are with you. Remember you have guides. Call on them. Doesn't matter you can't hear them, see them. They are there. It is their assignment to be your guide. So call on them. Just ask for help. And then help whoever is in front of you. It is not always an easy time. We are changing so much and sometimes people are reacting strangely toward us. They walk away from us. Remember you are more than you think you are. More than you know you are. More than you ever thought you could be.
(in this article, angels have now joined the discussion)

You Are A Soul With The Possibility Of Many Bodies.

You have others who are also You. And in the time that is arriving right now and will be yours until the ascension of your planet and yours as well - These parts of you shall ever come closer. So feel them now. Let them in. They are portals of; you they are extensions of you. They are physical; they are real. They have life. And they have comfort. And they each wish to be a part of your unfoldment and your ascension to the New Earth.

Maybe you can get quiet and feel Your Self. Have the thought to feel your Fuller Self. See if something comes. Like a small face. Like a reflection. Like a wing. Like a color. Like a leaf turning in the wind. Let an hour be an hour where you gather parts of yourself together. And you enter a time of knowing that you are more. That you are full. That you are large. That you are a group. That you are huge. And that all the parts of your Total Self reach to you, whisper to you in your consciousness. And your higher self, the part of you in the next world up who has knowledge you do not now possess. Who has gifts you stretch and long for. Have the thought that She/he now holds you tight in an embrace. And as she talks to you everyday, let her tell you things. Try to hear them. Either in words, in symbols, in feeling tones, in colors, - knowing she is close. She has a life. She has a world. She has a purpose. She has friends. She has a body. And she loves you. So let her embrace you now. Let her take other chair, your next body higher at the same "time" as not. Let her sit behind you. Resting her head on your shoulder. With her heart open, pouring from the front of the heart chakra which stands in front quite a bit, let that frequency enter the back chamber of your heart chakra. Picture this: Sit Open hearted. Be Heart to heart-ed.

Have the thought that you are a fullness. A group. A composite. All joined through the soul. Happily joined, happily merged, happily content and yet your position now is to raise yourself to a higher part, a higher life, a higher light of energy, for now it is the time that you prepare to allow your body, its cells, its chakras, its blood, its nerves, its organs, its meridians, its skin, its aura all of it to flourish.

Your Earth Is Getting Ready To Take Her Soul And Her Spirit And Place Them Somewhere Else.

Your world is on the brink of Ascension. Your world is on the road to a new world. Your Earth is getting ready to take her soul and her Spirit and place them somewhere else. To remove them from your present planet's core and literally place them within another heart of another world. Another planet in a higher dimension. Many of you have called this outcome "ascension." This SHIFT is ascension. Your planet has chosen its finale. It has joined the same mold and procedure that millions of planets have done in going forward, upward into a new dimension. At the proper time, Planet Earth will shed its form when everyone and everything that has the higher frequency shift over to the new soil of the New Earth. Try to relax in the knowledge that the point has been met that the aura of planet Earth has caressed and touched the aura of the New Earth. Try to feel your body relax now in that.

Imagine two globes shining. One is planet Earth, as you know it. One is the New Earth in a higher dimension. See their auras. The Huge, clean, pure aura of the much larger planet New Earth. See the bumpy, gritty, dirty aura of the present Earth, carrying all the negativity and strife, pollution, the war energy, the fear and the hatred and see these two auric fields, one large and one smaller, passing into each other onto the screen of the mind. Know that the smaller, bumpy aura of the Old Earth is being ironed out. Could it be that many in the Universe are committed to ironing out this bumpy aura? That even humans have been given something to put their heart into to release the current energies carried in Present Earth's aura?

This Plan Is Now At Top Speed

This Shift Plan has happened before. It shall happen again. It follows a plan. This plan is Divine. And this plan is now at top speed. And Everything that is at a low frequency has to shift to a higher one, to make this Shift. This ascension is assured. Please hear our hearts as we tell you now: there is nothing you can do to stop your shift. There is nothing you can do wrong to take yourself away or out of the plan. Nothing you could do that would take away the hope or remove the chance of ascending your planet. Or you ascending.

The balance of Old Earth will be different than the Balance of New Earth. When we say everything is changing we mean every single point of Light. We mean that Energy is Everything and that Everything is Energy. And All of Life Itself, every blade of grass, will shift into a higher position, into a higher frequency, in order to be living on that New Earth. And these higher points shall be met for it is the Plan. In the days to follow you may lose your balance many times. Why? Because the changes that are happening in your world are not small. They may cause you to lose your balance. They may cause you to flutter like a leaf in the wind. They may cause you to doubt yourself; to feel a little strange in the body. To feel tired as the cells are refigured. There will be those who come close to you and those who move away from you. Why? For everything will change and reposition itself to Where it needs to be for the Best Possible Shift.

You Can Take Away The Worry Now Of IF You Will Achieve Ascension. Humanity Will Shift With Their Planet For This Is The Plan.

You can take away the worry now of IF you will achieve ascension. It is not like other "achievements." Humanity will shift with their planet for this is the plan. There have been times when planets have done a similar feat; gone up to a higher level, and those on the planet have very much evolved in spirituality. On earth it has been a little slow. And you could say it isn't exactly the merit of the humans that created the ascension. But the ascending energies are so strong in their purpose that they create now a Spiritual Evolution never before witnessed or felt on Earth. So rest in your mind. Know in your heart. Feel in your heart and understand in your mind that many of the things you have heard, ways you have been taught, beliefs you have been handed, are old. They are getting stuck. They are losing their freshness. For most on Earth never understood the path a planet takes in rising upwards, nor did they know the amount of help that the Universe provides for this.

Since you are more than you thought you were, those parts of you assist you now. Since Earth is part of a Wholeness also a Universe the Universe is going up and giving a forceful push to the rise on Earth. Energy changes energy. Energy touches each other. And Everything Lifts the Next Part, for Everything is connected.

For It To Be A Complete Shift, All Will Go.

Waste not one moment more considering IF you will achieve your ascension. But knowing well you will. For all are needed on the New Earth. Your Frequency and love, your life frequency in the earth body, must shift to the New Earth for it to be a complete "shift." Notice the word is "Shift." That means from one place to the other, that the same thing changes its position. The Same thing. For it to be a complete shift, All Will Go.

What is balance? What does it mean? Would balance on a third dimensional planet be the same as balance on another level? We would suggest to you, to simply love life. To laugh. To follow your dreams. To live in the world of color. To stop all worry. To put a little light into every situation that lends itself to you. To reach for what calls upon you. To take the steps that the heart desires. To love your Earth and prepare to leave it in the way that it has been. To broadcast to others that "All Is well." Nothing can stop this Plan. It is Divine. There is no return when auras touch.

And When A New Dimension Is Being Prepared To Be Your Next Home, How Can You Prepare For That Which You Do Not Know And Remember?

And when a new dimension is being prepared to be your next home, how can you prepare for that which you do not know and remember? The way to integrate is to love and to allow the intelligence of the Universe and the Earth to change you, while you do your best, lend a hand, be simple, be joyful, follow the Truth and follow your Light. Do what you can to be full in each day. And the balance shall take care of itself. And those other parts of you will come closer into your memory and bring you the integration of who you Really Are, which is What you really Want to have happen.
You are being initiated into Truth. We would suggest: relax from a lot of what you have been told. What you have been taught. You are more. You are you here and you somewhere else and you somewhere else all connected and if that be the case, who are you? What are you? What do the words you say and think about really mean? Could the higher part of you have surpassed every hope that the Earthly part of you now yearns for and fears you may not reach? To most who would read this, It is already within your soul's memory! It has been already done. Already accomplished in one way. Is it not within the soul? And somewhere else?

Understand this: You are a total Being and the memory of this shall come back to you just like a CD. Think of it this way. As Channie Centara loves to use the CD as an example, let us use this as an example. In a CD maybe you are singing the song of Earth and it is the 8th song on the CD. The song is a song of growth and ascension and evolvement. Where is the ninth song? And the tenth? The fourth song and the first? They are all there. Even though NOW you are tuned in to #8. So understand that you are the Whole Unit and that one day All Songs Shall Play Together and they will twist and turn, change and shift all the beliefs you hold so firmly about how things are and what will be. What if there is a song at #7 that is a Song about You taking an assignment from the Universe to come and live "as a human being" in order to shift with the planet to a New Earth? What if that song came before the Earth song but was only forgotten. As if the record were broken and the same song kept playing over and over and over again. On Earth humans have forgotten. They have been playing the same Song of Forgetfulness. The Same Song of This is the Only Time, This is the only Reality, This is All I Am. They have been playing over and over again a Song of Limitation that has become stuck in its own circle. Within that song the human sings the sadness of not knowing about Time, not knowing about themselves, not understanding Ascension and not having their memories but all of this is About To Change. Feel the excitement of our words. The part of you reading this in your Earthly body will become aware of all the glory, all the connection and all this memory when the time arrives to weave the full tapestry together and to show you once and for all time's sake: Who you are. What you are. And What your real purpose in All the Worlds, how they unite, where you started, and where you shall go. Continuing on your process of Universal origin, purpose and the roles you play in all worlds. In Simultaneity. In Oneness and Fullness. In Understanding. Playing all the songs and Dancing to the Symphony of it All. This shall enter into your consciousness on the perfect day selected. Perhaps tomorrow. Perhaps in one month. Perhaps fully in one year's Time. Or another Year's Time. And then you will understand why we bring to you these seeds that we plant in the mind.

For once a seed is planted, many things can grow. And in the climate of a planet's ascending, which cannot be deterred, such growth is foreseeable. Such growth is determined already. Such growth is assured of that small seed. And the flower is already with an imprint. And yet! When that flower opens it can be a little difficult and there can be a little pain that temporarily causes the soft petals to shudder. Something tight must loosen its grip on itself.

Wonder Not If You Will Ascend, But Only How

So open in the days to come. And relax. And wonder not If you will ascend, but only How. And What could you do but joins the hands of as many as possible to take the burden off of them as well. So worry can be erased. So joy can fill the room and shift the aura of the Earth to make dim the negativity that is there. To smooth OUT the path of shift and change. To create a beautiful way for all to know that All will go and All together shall become what they are NOT Now. But something New! The new is coming to you.

And A World Will Exist In Harmony With Itself

Such New you will cry with tears of joy. And Laugh as you have not laughed before. And All the changes will find the peace that is within them. And a World will exist in harmony with itself. Called the New Earth, yes! Your next home, Yes. And It will be determined by your soul just how long you will remain there.
What are your next steps? Let us say they are to understand. To reach for the real story. Maybe it is time to put aside beliefs of how it will be and how it must be. And re-examine what you know is true to be. However small or large it is. And take a look a look at what it might be like to live in a higher dimension. Are you now prepared for it? There are no books that are now written, for the most part, that could prepare you. Not really. For they have been written from the same level at which they are being read. To learn you must go higher. Its time to turn into the heart now. Into the Truth now. Into the Universe now. Into your Higher Self now. Find the True You who might know already and call to the memory to awaken in the night and in the day. For what is coming is quite new to your memory. It has no beliefs, ideals attached to it that are from here. So let it happen. So let it happen.

Let The Earth Herself Bring The Warmth Of What Is Coming. The New! The Next!

Let the Earth herself bring the warmth of what is coming. The New! The Next! Let the Universe rain down upon you. Let all the parts of you come. What is coming has no name. No color and no shape you can latch onto. The New. The Next! For this is what is occurring. The shaking down of the Old Systems. The chakras change to be connected to what they were NOT connected to before. Feel your chakras opening to clutch to something new in a different way. To dance within a different color. To hold a different tune and sing a different song. Cells, now rejoice for what will now enter its walls! It is different. It is beautiful. It has not been record very much in Earthly books, so maybe books will be placed to the side. Put it with your worries. Put it with your disbelief. With your uncertainty. Place it to the side and go and sit in the garden and let the Earth teach you. For She knows where she is going. Ah! How wonderful to hear the words. To feel the truth of them. Like leaves holding nourishment of water. Let this water into your heart. Let it enter your body. Let your chakras open like doors, like portals themselves, to receive the frequencies changing them in this very moment. Multiplying them. Pushing them down and bringing them up and changing their position like musical chairs. You are being rearranged. Feel your cells cycling through your body. Like little galaxies turning on their sides. Feel your electrons orbiting, like planets. Feel your knowledge coming in like water, nourishment to a thirsty plant. The understanding that all is so well orchestrated at this level. You are secure. You are part of all of this. Your gifts are waiting for you. Those gifts you stretch into are ordinary in the world of your next higher self. Won't they be granted to you when you go up? You are going into a Whole New Dimension. Will it not have different gifts for you? Open your hands. Open your heart.

See Yourself As A Child Now. Running Full Blast Forward Up The Hill To The New Earth

See yourself as a child now. Running Full Blast Forward up the hill to the New Earth. Hair flying in the wind. And know: how many gather because of your dazzling beauty, even in your Earth body. How loving you are. How precious you are. How well loved. How deeply admired are you. For Coming here. By the Angels. That they Lighten your steps. Propelling you forward. So that you will take your place to help the others who are more confused. Much more confused. They aren't reading these words. They have no explanation. Tons of beliefs tying them down. And you will be there. On the New Earth. See yourself now cradling them who will be there for all will go. But who may arrive with less understanding packed in their duffel bags. And you will help them. For you take your steps now. You who reach out. Who want to know. To stop what is redundant. To open to what is new.

You are safe. There is no death. There will be no continuation of Earth as it is now. Nothing can stop this winding road. Everything is changing. Look in the skies. Look in the air. Look at the Sun and the Moon. Look at everything that is trying to tell you its secret. That Everything is being brought New to the New Earth. You are part of this legacy or you wouldn't be hearing these words. Feel your concepts falling away. Your aura changing shape. Your friends in the Universe reaching to you. Feel the doors opening. The heart expanding. Feel your third eye opening to be able to see in higher dimensions. Feel the excitement of your planet. Take it in through the feet. The excitement that the Universe feels; take it in through the crown. The excitement of the All of Everything; take it in through the heart. Let yourself stretch out to the New like a bubble, with no boundaries, with no fixed shape. And imagine that every one of your "bodies" in all the worlds is now weeping with joy as you step toward New Joy and New Fulfillment.
We all love you and love the All.

Of course, this we here at SoE allready know;)
Love and Light to you all.

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Comment by torz on January 14, 2009 at 10:19am
very uplifting thankyou so much for bringing this here at this time ...
much love to you
Torz xx

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