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Wag the Sobaka: Why the assassination of the Russian ambassador appears faked (+ more evidence of fakery)

Wag the Sobaka: Why the assassination of the Russian ambassador app...

The first video I saw of the Russian ambassador’s “assassination” gave an unobstructed view of the exit wound area, like this one I found on

…but it was taken down and now all other videos of the supposed shooting have red boxes which wholly or partially cover over the area…

Despite this effort to cover up evidence of fakery, you can see that there is no red spray (forward blood splatter) coming from the ambassador’s supposed exit wound. The area is lily-white, so it seems more likely that his vest was blown forward by a movie squib.

This lack of any hint of forward blood splatter was something I noticed the very first time I saw the video, and other questions came to mind as well…

Why is the floor around his fallen body so immaculate when there should be a pool of blood?

Why was the assassin able to stand around and give his backstory for the attack without coming under fire?

Why were there no other policemen besides the assassin near the Russian ambassador?

Why were there no armed bodyguards from the Russian embassy near him?

Is it standard practice to leave an ambassador alone with NO SECURITY at a public event in a high-terror nation like Turkey?

The whole thing just didn’t add up to me. And now I have observed that Infowars (a known globalist disinformation site) is treating this assassination as real when they are normally among the first to point out inconsistencies in false flag attacks of this sort.

I’m not going to go into a long analysis of this “assassination.” I simply wanted to point out that there are some glaring inconsistencies that anyone with common sense can see. This looks very much like a staged PR event, and it is therefore quite instructive to see how different alt-media sites report it. Controlled sites will not want to admit that the Russians are complicit in this sort of skulduggery. They point out the obvious only when it supports the globalist East versus West con job. See Throwing the Game: Why the globalists are exposing their own false-... to understand why.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll have a look at why they pulled this apparent hoax.

Love always…

(P.S. – Same Day) – Here are two close-ups from a photo of the assassination posted on Infowars. In the first, note that there is not a single drop of blood either on or below the white podium where the ambassador was supposedly shot…

In the second, there is not a single drop of blood on the ambassador’s collar or on the floor around him…

Not bleeding when shot in the chest: now THAT’S Russian stoicism for you! One hopes he enjoyed the quick nap and the ambulance ride to the safe house.

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