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VT: Keshe and the Cure for Swine Flu?

Keshe and the Cure for Swine Flu?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - December 2, 2018


By Gordon Duff with Henry Kamens and Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

VT has been investigating Swine Flu outbreaks that have now spread to China for 8 years now.  We see it as both a key security issue and a major threat to mankind.  Swine Flu is capable of starving not only Russia and China but will spread across Africa as well.

The Keshe Foundation has announced a new method for defeating viruses of all kinds, in both humans and animals, based on a new approach outlined in the short video below:



Mehran Keshe and his team have developed a treatment for Swine Flu that is not only extremely effective (there have been demonstrations to governments and Keshe offers this without cost).

The broader implications are that the methodologies developed can be applied to treat all known viruses as well, making cures potentially available for diseases previously incurable, for either lack of science or, as is too often the case, funding and public interest.

Another area to examine, one mentioned in the short video above, is the potential for extraterrestrial viruses to be brought to earth.  Often the subject of speculative fiction such as Michael Creighton’s Andromeda Strain, made into a feature length film in 1971.



However, since 1971, the risk of what is warned of in Creighton’s novel is nearly at hand.  Spacecraft have returned from asteroids without any realistic countermeasures being applied and our research on Mars and “elsewhere” may well have yielded results that have been deemed too unsettling for the general public.

This is the 252nd Keshe Knowledge Seeker’s Workshop for those interested in the Keshe Organization:



Below I have Keshe’s presentation on this effort and above is a demonstration video.  Henry Kamens of VT’s Bureau in the Caucuses, the probable source for the Swine Flu epidemic that now threatens the planet, has submitted his paper for publishing.


It is published here and in Russia at New Eastern Outlook.

Swine Flu is a potential catastrophe for the planet.

A Cure for Swine Flu with Keshe Science? by Gordon Duff on Scribd

Can Pigs Fly? Georgian Swine Flu Now Spreading to Europe and China


By Henry Kamens for New Eastern Outlook, Russia and Veterans Today

My mother used to have a favorite expression: “I can put my ass where you cannot put your face”. That is the response that needs to be conveyed to some of the spin doctors of misinformation who are starting to flood the internet with articles that don’t address the issues raised over the Lugar Laboratory in Tbilisi, Georgia, but instead try to discredit the source of the revelations and blame it all on Russian disinformation.

Russian news stories about the lab rely heavily on “revelations” coming from one eccentric American living in Tbilisi, a certain Jeffrey Silverman, who says that the U.S. will use bioweapons developed in Georgia to depopulate the Middle East and take over its oil. Despite a lack of evident expertise or knowledge, Silverman is held up as a bona fide American whistle-blower in the Russian media. “That lab is a time-bomb,” he intimated in an interview with REN TV.

But let’s go beyond the deflection and cut to the chase of what is REALLY the latest story of the Lugar Lab and recent efforts by the US military and official spokespersons to distance itself from it, by claiming it is now a Georgian operation, not an American project in a biological grey zone.

Just call him Curveball!

The source of many of the Russian stories would rather be called a muckraker than a whistleblower, based on his military experience in chemical weapons, graduate work in journalism, and international science and technology policy.

The fact is that the strain of Swine fever now affecting China and several European countries is the same one that started out in Georgia in 2007. It is also a fact that the finger is being pointed back at Georgia as the original source of the strain of AFS, African swine fever, and is now wreaking havoc in China.

Russian officials are saying that the new documents they now possess “allow us to take a fresh look” at the outbreaks of African swine fever in southern Russia in 2007-2018, which “spread from the territory of Georgia into the Russian Federation, European nations and China. The infection strain in the samples collected from animals killed by the disease in those nations was identical to the Georgia-2007 strain.”


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