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VT Breaking: Keshe Cancer Announcement Broadcast

Breaking: Keshe Cancer Announcement Broadcast

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on April 15, 2017

Keshe is part Einstein and part Donald Trump

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Jeff Rense will tell you, I drive him crazy in that I am a mainstream medicine guy, vaccines etc. but not crazy either, not so much anyway.  As a veteran, my own medical care has been between non-existent and abysmal.  I have managed health programs as a diplomat and worked in and around health care technologies but am not a licensed professional, not even close.  I am not a “go to guy” for healthcare information, I am making that clear up front.

I am a skeptic.  I have been following and working with Keshe for several years now.  There have been more failures than successes and, quite frankly, there is a very high level of deception and secrecy about successes, they are far more dangerous than failures.

I have seen his technology work, Colonel Hanke powers his home with Keshe tech yet others can’t make it work.  Today we are dealing with cancer, far from a joke, it touches all of us.  I can’t begin to explain what it has done to my life, we all have these stories.

I personally make no promises, I collect no money, I am here to simply say that I hope this works, I hope there is a treatment out there.  I have reviewed some materials, files, photos, done some interviews but then again, I am not a scientist.

Keshe is my friend.  I don’t entirely understand him and, at times it seems as almost as though he were hooked into another reality, as though he were chosen somehow.  Also, at times, I wish they had chosen someone less exasperating as he is.

Keshe is part Einstein and part Donald Trump.

I believe there will be a treatment based on his work.  I helped set Keshe up with medical research personnel, we spent hundreds of hours screening and doing what we could to make this as valid as possible but this is where my part ends, I check credentials and backgrounds, I look for enemies, for frauds and thieves, I keep things as clean as I can but I don’t practice medicine.

Listen and make your own decisions.

All of this will be as new to me as to you and I will be listening.

Source: veteranstoday

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