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Veils, Dimensions, and Other Descriptors – The Council

Veils, Dimensions, and Other Descriptors – The Council

Veils, Dimensions, and Other Descriptors – The Council

There are many misconceptions flying around in this landscape of conscious change you are in. You will wonder what is right, who is correct, who is wrong. This is just habit. You have been taught to think is this manner. The reality is that many attempts to explain states of higher consciousness have resulted in even more attempts made by those who, perhaps, have not experienced higher states of consciousness for themselves.

You listen raptly to the one who describes what she has seen, what he was told. Then you get confused by someone who tells you they were wrong, or tells you what they really meant. Then you try to think your way through the problem. Now you are really confused or you give up and accept someone else’s opinion.

We hope this short message will serve to answer several of the questions you have sent for us to address.

We will now make a series of statements that will appear, at first glance, not to be related. They are.

The ascension that you are fond of speaking of is a grand expansion of the , consciousness of humankind, as is The Event. Because of this, your world will change. It is, and can only be, a reflection of your consciousness.

Spiritual things, which is everything, can only be experienced and pointed to. All descriptions of them will fail. Why? Describe for a friend the smell of a rose. Describe the feeling of love. You can remember it. You can feel it. You cannot describe it. Still less can you describe something that another has not experienced at all.

Now there are indeed different states of consciousness. We can speak of veils. You will never see one. Well, you may if you create one. We can speak of differing places, times, planes, dimensions, etc. These are descriptions of conscious states or events. They are real, real conscious places, times, events, etc. But do not try to equate them to your physical experiences.

You see everything is consciousness. Period. Everything is consciousness. So he is not right and she is not wrong. Is their description useful to you or is it not? Use it as another step on your upward path, or do not.

Please understand that by far the greatest amount of what is available to you is second hand description or interpretation of someone else’s experience, usually embroidered upon for many generations as best fit the exigencies of the times.

So what can I rely on? That is a wonderful question. Use what you have to propel you into your own experiences an your own path. Make the intention and begin. Without exception that is what all of the teachers have done. When you have seen it, tasted it, felt it, known it, then you can trust it. You may not be able to describe it, but you will be able to trust it.

As you progress, accept what you can only as long as it is useful, only as long as it proves to be accurate. You will not find any totally correct descriptions to believe. You will find correct experiences to believe. Look for methods. Find your own answers.

In our total support of your journey, we offer this in service.


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