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Unbelievable Timelapse Chemtrail Footage...and Heavenly Assistance!

Unbelievable Timelapse Chemtrail Footage...and Heavenly Assistance!

Yesterday and Today, 2 Interesting pieces on Geoengineering and Chemtrails appeared at Conscious Life News (CLN). 

Request for an Investigation of Documented Weather Modification

Posted by cln on February 17, 2014 in Chemtrails-Geoengineering, Environment with 0 Comments

Jerry Leonard | Activist Post | Feb 18th 2014

Chemtrails over Austin TX 12-20-2013I’m an engineer residing in the suburbs of Charlotte, NC and I have been documenting large-scale, aerial chemical-dispersals from aircraft over the city through time-lapse photography.

Here is a time-lapse video of a massive, all-day dispersal on Sunday 1/26/14.

Here it is sped up by 2x, for those pressed for time:

Photos and real-time video of the skies over Charlotte being nearly completely covered in a chemical haze on this same day can be found here (from various spots around the city).

These spraying operations can change a clear blue sky to a chalky white sky, from horizon to horizon, in a matter of hours.

Here is some Commentary made by someone on this shocking Time-Lapse video...

Today at 8:42 AM

Good Day, again to you, Alexis!...Thank you for your response to my comment on your radio interview of yesterday, on the entire Geo-engineering crisis that we are all facing!
Here in Florida, the chemtrail activity is usually considerably less...(Thankfully!)...The activity over Charlotte, NC is Totally Off the Chart!!!...INSANE!!! Yesterday, there were only 3 criss-crossing chemtrails over my home, which soon were entirely I had stated. 
I am going to present some "Food for Thought"...and what I feel is happening in these videos....Notice how the blue sky backdrop is NEVER ENTIRELY GONE...With all the frantic spraying activity over Charlotte, One would conjecture that the entire Charlotte sky would be a flat milky pea soup...with NOT A HINT OF BLUE, WHATSOEVER, ANYWHERE!...With All that Crazy Spraying...That SHOULD be the case!!! But it is not!!!...
Here is what my "Inner-Knowingness" and Direct link-in with the Positive ET's is telling me about this...In areas of Extreme Chemtrail-spraying, the Positive ET's will have to resort to their "Heavy Artilliary" this I mean that They Themselves will appear to look like Chemtrail planes in the sky, disguised as the "Enemy"...with the Exception that what THEY are laying down is chemtrail "ANTI-VENOM/NEUTRALIZER"...which appears to us down here like normal, evil chemtrails!
There is frantic activity in many many areas in the U.S, and across the Planet...But it's literally a 'check-checkmate", "tit-for-tat" kind of situation...A War of Good Against Evil, a Veritable War to save our LIVES taking place, right over our Blessed Heads!...with most of us with our heads pointed down into our androids and i-phones, too distracted, oblivious, and even notice what is going on, right above us!.. As you spoke about yesterday on the interview...
Think about it!!!...If the Evil Ones Weren't being Checkmated Continuously by the Positive ET "Cavalry"...There would be no Blue left at all in the sky...we would be Much sicker than we already are...and we would possibly all be dead by now...with all the Crap they are spraying on us!!!...The fact that we are indeed receiving "Divine Intervention" is no excuse for apathy and ignorance on our part, however!!!...
My advice for Every One of Us is to WAKE UP...GET EDUCATED ABOUT THIS, and check out the plethora of source information so beautifully provided above, in this post. Also, if you are in an area where the chemtrail activity is just beginning to start...feel free to contact the Positive ET "Cavalry", as I myself did yesterday, in order to alert them where you are. My comment here on how to do this is reproduced, below. God's Blessings Go Out to You Again, Alexis...and to All My Brothers and Sisters Reading This! Namaste!
GeoEngineering & the Global Assault – A Round Table Discussion with Dane Wigington, George Barnes & Dr Doug Levine | NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND CHEMTRAILS WATCH says: February 17, 2014 at 12:51 pm […] Link here:; […]
Reply Miriam Rodriguez-Wilson says: February 17, 2014 at 5:20 pm Alexis…Kudos to you on this excellent and very pertinent interview! Your guests were extremely knowledgable on the subject of geo-engineering and the chemtrail situation…with one glaring exception! …I Think it was Mr. Wigington who gave a rather oblique and frankly incorrect explanation as to why some aircraft seem to leave blank lines in the “clouds”…I have personally been witness to the same phenomenon here in S. Florida, and have observed, even on this very day,(Monday,2-17-14) a clear blue sky at 2:30…chemtrails laid at 2:45…chemtrails starting to spread out at 3:00 into a widening haze…and then the haze starting to mysteriously vanish at 3:10…and by 3:30 the trails and the subsequent haze completely gone and the sky returned to clear azure blue again!…I kid you not!!!...This happened today, and a few times before! I Know in my Heart of Hearts that We are receiving “Divine Intervention” and Help with this Horrific and potentially Deadly situation! Positive ET Craft by the thousands are cloaked in our skies, sometimes even holographically disguised as planes…and they can be summoned to your particular area by sending a heartfelt S.O.S. up to them…They show up within minutes and start devouring and neutralizing the deadly toxins!…We are Not Alone with this horrific situation…We Have Help!!!Just reach out and call them with your mind, heart, and soul to your particular area, and they come! Blessings, Alexis…Keep up the good work!
Reply Alexis Brooks says: February 17, 2014 at 6:23 pm Hi Miriam, Your analysis and observation are intriguing. We cannot discount anything that is going on during this most unprecedented time in our history. Thank you for sharing and God Bless! Reply - See more at:

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Comment by Besimi on February 23, 2014 at 2:06am

Living a Life of Truth Message from Metatron Received by Julie Miller

Living a Life of Truth Channeler: Julie Miller

How important is it dear ones for you to be truthful each and every day?

There are many dear souls among you that will openly admit that it is wrong to be dishonest when it’s about big and important things, but also believe lying about things of lesser importance to be excusable.

But truth be told, a lie is a lie regardless if it’s about something big and important or something of little significance.

To someone, what you may think is of little importance is quite important.

Even when you exaggerate the truth to spare someone’s feelings or to impress your peers, you are in being dishonest and most importantly you are being dishonest with yourself.

So many dear souls truly believe there are degrees of dishonesty which will depend on the reason and purpose for the lie, but to God there is no degree.

There is not a person out there that has not told even a tiny lie at one point in their lives. Many times lies are used to help yourself, or to protect someone…

Every single dear soul has told a fib. Does it feel good to the other person that is receiving your dishonesty? Do you think they notice you are being less than truthful?

God knows, and your true and inner self knows. Every time you choose to lie, you are widening the gap between you and God.

Being truthful with yourself and with others is important…not just telling the truth but acting in a truthful manner; because you know how much your actions speak louder than any word you can express.

Yet being truthful with yourself and with others is one of the most difficult things for people to accomplish, even now in this modern age.

Living a life that is truthful can reshape your life for the better dear ones, and will positively affect those around you in a deep and profound way.

Even the great people that have gone down into history for helping society to live better peaceful lives, lived a truthful life, but this does not mean they never lied.

Even the blessed Mother Teresa has had to tell a fib now and then, but she still maintained a certain standard of personal truth that she lived by.

She has helped many dear souls reach peace, to understand unconditional love and to be compassionate.

You are not required to give up everything and go to under-developed countries, trying to save every dear soul that is struggling to survive to live a life of truth.

You can live a life of truth right where you are right now. There are many scriptures to be found that speaks about man having joy, but remember dear ones, joy comes from being honest - there is no joy in being dishonest.

When you live a truthful life, your relationship with God is that much stronger and connected, yet when you choose to be dishonest with yourself and with others you essentially are violating a code of honesty that will eventually prevent you from attaining a close and meaningful relationship with God, it will divide you until you learn to live a truthful and meaningful life.

Even if you think your lie had good intentions to spare someone’s feelings, deceitfulness is not a good companion when you are seeking to connect with the Father of your Creation.

Remember He knows your truth and He wants you to begin living a life of truth.

To strengthen your connection with God ultimately means you have strengthened your connection with yourself and you are willing to live from your authentic self, devoid of deceit and rich with truthfulness and honesty.

It is more than possible to be truthful and kind at the same time. You can spare other dear soul’s feelings by learning how to be tactful.

If you are truly sensitive and consider your relationship with God and His Beloved Son to be of the utmost importance, then it is essential dear ones that you must become honest even with the little things in life as well as the big.

Remember you are never alone even if you look around and see no one.

There is not one single act that you do that God does not witness, and there is no word that is spoken that is not heard by God, and yes He does observe your thoughts as they develop inside your busy mind.

There is no amount of darkness that conceals anything you do. Just because the dear souls around are unaware, does not mean God is unaware…His presence is wherever you are, in everything. He knows. Before you act dear ones, think beforehand.

Living a life of truth merely means that you live your life while maintaining your most regarded of standards. Every dear soul that has reached any amount of notoriety has within them a set of values which they live by.

They don’t necessarily live a life of whimsy; they live a very thoughtful, honest and truthful life. Even if a dear soul’s life is not constantly guided by their core and highest of values understand that their core values still manage to influence their thoughts and actions.

By living up to your standards each and every day, you are living a deeper and more meaningful life.

Comprehend dear ones, every single action you take is considered to be significant to someone and has the potential of being quite powerful and when your actions come from a place of honesty and integrity just imagine how much powerful you become.

Every dear soul that lives upon this mighty earth all carry a certain set of values, they have beliefs, ideals and certain guidelines that they follow and believe to be truly important.

Living a life of truth demonstrates integrity and passion for life and respect for all other dear souls that share their planet. Is it simple to live a life of truth? Simplicity is up to you.

Many of you tend to choose complexity over simplicity, but living a life of truth is simple. All you need to do is act, think and feel with what you believe to be the right thing with all your heart and soul and not to be governed by your hungry ego.

When you live your life in alignment to what you truly believe in, you are living a life of truth. When you live a life of truth, you will feel so much more alive dear ones; you will have difficulty choosing the words to describe the intense feelings that will emerge from your heart that will filter into every cell of your body.

The reason why you will feel so intensely alive is because you know deep inside that you are living from your highest degree, this is a level of truth that moves beyond all experiences that you have met so far.

When you live from your highest of core values, you are acting in accordance with what you truly believe to be true and important.

And yes sometimes what you feel to be of utmost important may not always be right by other dear soul’s choice of action, but it is still truthful because you believe it is real and the action you have demonstrated is real as a result.

Let’s imagine dear ones you are offered a great and new opportunity to become part of a major conglomerate but is located far from where you are currently residing.

The salary they are offering is great, the benefits are great and most importantly you love the idea of working there. Yet slowly you begin to second guess your choice and outcome of this opportunity.

You begin to worry about your friends, you come up with ideas about why you can’t afford to move. Maybe you have a pet that doesn’t travel easily.

You will create in your mind a thousand and one reasons why you shouldn’t accept this new direction in your life, but deep down you know accepting their proposal is the best thing and the right choice.

Many times it is fear that clouds your judgment and mars your ability to be truthful with yourself and with others.

Making certain choices can be difficult, but when you know deep down the choice you are to make and you do make the choice, like taking a new job that is far from where you are living now, you are following through with Right Action and it will feel amazing regardless what your ego has you doubting or what challenges you may encounter from relocating to a new city, state, province or country.

Even if you are by yourself and you are doing something or thinking something that is dishonest, do you really think you are alone?

Remember dear ones God observes when you tell a fib to a dear friend even if that little lie is in writing and no one else is at home or beside you…God is there.

Before you tackle being honest with others, you must become honest with yourself and become honest with God. Going within and seeing yourself for you truly are and coming to terms with your total self takes great courage, but it also delivers you to great joy.

We ask you to think dear ones, how it feels when someone has been dishonest to you. When you realize you have been lied to, does it at that moment of your discovery make a difference how big or small the deception was?

Does it affect your life in any way? Does make you question the other dear soul’s integrity for their dishonest act? For many dear souls that have been a victim to someone’s deception, it can be quite difficult for them to overcome and let go because lying creates a hurt that goes deep inside.

Depending on the other dear soul’s values, the lie they have just uncovered could become difficult to forget because it has become etched upon their conscience.

Telling lies regardless of size has way of growing in toxic size as the lie is shared to friends and family.

Deceptions are not loving; they are harmful and have malignant potential. In addition, they shut the door to any communication you had with God, therefore prevents His Light from touching your life.

No matter if your conversation is between friends, co-workers, or family members, and it makes no difference what the subject is it is important to live through every action from the highest level of truth.

Every choice and action you take, you take with truth being your highest authority that will in turn create a more amazing and meaningful life simply because you are living in accordance with what you know in your heart and soul to true…that dear ones is living a life of truth.

Today is a fine day to begin living a life that is honest and truthful, where you are one with yourself and closely connected with God and His Beloved Son.

Embrace the challenges that come from such a path, and find yourself living in joy, peace and happiness as a result.

I AM Metatron through Julie Miller


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Comment by Besimi on February 23, 2014 at 1:56am

2/21/14 Karen Doonan


As I spoke about on the BEYOND THE LOOKING GLASSradio show this week (wed feb 19th), the key to the New Earth is the human male, in spiritual terms this is the RE-birth of the SUN GOD onto and within planet earth. For eons the human race has been TAUGHT to follow and defer to the MOON, that is the divine feminine and this has seen a planet rapidly lose its balance, for balance is day and night, left and right, up and down and many have allowed the old 3d earth created reality to show them how to filter this out.

As I also stated clearly on the radio show,  unless the human race now start to embrace, cherish and acknowledge the human male then there can be no further expansion, the human male and the human female are CODED at a cellular lever for expansion, the old 3d earth created reality knew this and sought at all times to come between the human male and the human female.  Those in human form may share a planet together but they are not “together” in any sense of the word, it may APPEAR that human males and human females share language but this is highly distorted, the teachings that each receive within the old 3d earth created reality seek to break down the NATURAL connection that is between a human male and a human female.  BALANCE is the KEY at all times, many in both human male and human female form are out of balance at a very personal level, sitting within one half of their energy signature, allowing the old 3d earth created reality to continue to teach them that to move into balance will see them destroyed and the heart space dissolved.

This is NOT TRUTH and is not supported on any level by the New Earth. For in the joining of energies of the human males and the human females TOGETHER there will be massive expansion. Many of you may be allowing the old 3d earth created reality to begin to filter out my words, for I am not talking of the “romantic” connection between a human male and a human female I am talking about CONNECTION. This is between fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, brothers and sisters etc and this has been highly distorted within the old 3d earth created reality.  This is covered in more detail in the TRUTH CODES- Chronicles from ORION book where there are clear examples to show you how to work with this distortion.


ALL ARE ONE, now the planet is moving and shifting and heightening its energy signature to accommodate this expansion. It is also NOT TRUTH to refer to the planet earth as “Mother Earth” for the planet is also made up of both female and male energy, the moon rises in the night sky and the sun comes out during the daytime.  Many of you may try to filter this TRUTH out and I would ask you to process my words through the heart space, for the HEART KNOWS TRUTH.  A world out of balance now seeks to come fully into balance for only from balance can you attain EXPANSION. ALL are incarnate upon and within planet earth at this time to help this process, ALL are gathering in the UNIVERSE of 3 to support this process for THIS is what you have incarnated in order to experience at a conscious waking human level.

The RE-birth of the SUN GOD will see the human male take his place BESIDE the human female, he does not walk behind her, he does not walk in front of her, he walks ALONGSIDE of her, supporting her as SHE SUPPORTS HIM.  He also has a voice, this is not a silent support of the human female as the human female is not in silent support of the human male. Those who have taken human form upon this planet have been silenced for eons, walking blind in the darkness that is the karmic dimensional timelines that are anchored into the old 3d earth created reality.  This is now negated in TRUTH.

The GIFT to the planet earth is EXPANSION in TRUTH, ALL are now preparing, ALL are now taking their places as the human race on all levels now prepares to take their place in the UNIVERSE of 3 with ALL, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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Comment by Besimi on February 23, 2014 at 1:53am

Riding the wave of the LOVE that IS | Author: Karen Doonan

For many of you the last few linear days may have been very intense, the LOVE that IS whilst being a very loving energy is manifesting at many levels as the clearer of trauma in relation to grief and dying.

It is no co-incidence that in order to move fully into the New Earth that you symbolically go through the “death of SELF”, this is the releasing of who you came to “be” within the old 3d earth created reality.

For those who are here to help birth the New Earth and to manifest the miracles that will see the human race expand and grow have spent lifetime after lifetime walking in the lower dimensional realities.

You can only help a race trapped within the constraint of grief, pain and trauma by experiencing this first hand. Many of you are now allowing this to be shown to you and allowing the visions and the dreams to arise within you that show you clearly that which you are holding tightly on to.

In order to allow healing at any level first of all you must admit that you are in grief, trauma or pain. The old 3d earth created reality does not support this, the natural process of dealing with these subjects is interrupted and distorted and this is deliberate.

For there is a natural process that is moved through during the transition process. Many of you at this time may be feeling like you are going around in circles, unable to fully see that which is trying to illuminate.

The old 3d earth created reality teaching you that what has “passed” is no longer relevant. This is not TRUTH, for ALL IS NOW and ALL is overlaid upon now.

Lifetimes that are not dealt with and released and un-anchored from will continue to bleed into your waking reality until they are acknowledged and accepted.

As a race the human race does not allow the emotions that are termed “negative” to flow. ALL emotions are natural, grief, anger and pain are NATURAL emotions, what has distorted YOUr reaction to them are the teachings of the old 3d earth created reality.

YOU are taught there is strength in swallowing down these emotions and not looking at them. This is further enforced by the reticence of those around you to allow you to show these emotions, there are many teachings at the moment seeking to teach that the New Earth is a place of ONLY happiness, peace and joy.

This seeks to trigger those of you who are feeling any emotion that is not one of these.

ALL EMOTION is supported within the New Earth, what is NOT supported are the teachings in relation to said emotions. Many are confusing this and mixing this up and this is a deliberate teaching of the old 3d earth created reality presenting you with an imaginary puzzle - how to live life only with what is termed “positive” emotions.

It is entirely possible to experience grief, pain and sadness in a way that is healing.

Emotions are not positive nor are they negative, they JUST ARE, you have been TAUGHT that they are negative or positive to further charge your emotional response to the old 3d earth created reality. Remember this old 3d earth created reality NEEDS your fear to keep it manifest.

The human race has been taught to FEAR certain emotions and this has anchored over and over again. For me personally this linear day has unfolded in a way that I was unprepared for. I had the most wonderful conversation with a lady today who knows who she is and I know reads this blog.

This connection was multi dimensional and I could FEEL this as soon as we connected.

Often I am alerted to deep connections by the way the universe transpires to connect me to those around me.

Delays and re-arrangements show me that something significant is happening but I was unprepared for the outcome of this connection. I have been shown that which I had walled off within myself, I have been shown a process that was interrupted many years ago and that I now need to complete before I can move into the next phase of this my human life experience.

I have blogged about the death of my mother often and yet it is only in the connection made today that I realised how walled off I was to this.

Yes I can talk about it and I can work with it but not at a very intimate personal level.

Perhaps many of you who work with energy can relate to this for yourself, helping those around you takes the focus off of the inner part of SELF.

Whilst your clients may reflect something that is going on within you it is possible to focus only on the client and become neutral to SELF.

This is NOT supported in the New Earth, ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.

So in relation to my mothers passing, I have accepted her death, I have accepted the lessons, I have accepted everything apart from how I personally feel about her death.

So much unravelled in my outer waking life when she died and so much has taken my attention around the healing that I have never actually taken a moment to ask myself how I FEEL about her no longer being here.

It may seem a very obvious thing to do and yet it was so obvious that I have allowed the old 3d earth teachings to allow me to filter it out.

As a grown adult and for those who know me personally I am independent, to the point of silliness sometimes, to be in BALANCE you must accept help as well as offer help and the acceptance of help in any form is very challenging for me.

I have “had to” work things out and sort things in my life by myself and I was taught when I was younger that to be strong was to be “independent”. This is distorted in many ways.

Watching my mother bring my sister and myself up when my father died on her own instilled a teaching within me that I have only just illuminated fully today.

It is NOT TRUTH to allow this teaching to play on, I have an amazing man in my life who I struggle to let in due to this teaching. I feel extremely vulnerable asking for any sort of help and this is even an opinion at times.

To those who know me personally and who can see this thank you for reaching past this. I have been told many times to allow people to support me especially EMOTIONALLY, for in losing my father at the age of 13 I closed down.

Even now I can go back to the actual moment where I let go of being a “child” and became the guardian of my mother. I was the oldest child, she was in pain and I needed to support her in her pain.

I have run this teaching up until earlier on today and I have run this teaching BLIND for all of these years. Whilst it is part of the human life experience to help support others around you it is not TRUTH to support them and not yourself at any level.

I see many, many people who are full of the LOVE that IS that find it challenging to accept that they are WORTHY of the support that they are being offered.

I now have to dissolve the teaching that has sought to teach me that I am here only to offer support and not to receive it.

BALANCE is FLOW, it is the giving AND receiving and many of you especially in human female form may find this challenging. In receiving you are allowing the other person to receive and that is a gift for both.

In human female form the old 3d earth created reality seeks to teach that you are the nurturer, the caregiver and that all come before you emotionally, this is NOT TRUTH, you cannot pour water from an empty cup, you need to allow the cup to be filled. At this time you are asked to dissolve fully that which has held you within the old 3d earth created reality. For many of you it will similar to that which I have now illuminated.

ACCEPT the LOVE that IS as it now manifests in various forms within your human life experience. IT IS TRUTH and as such will continue to try to flow through you at all times.

The more resistance you find within yourself to this process the deeper the teaching has been allowed to anchor with you. I give a huge thank you to Sandra today, I could feel my resistance and she persisted energetically.

Thank you for helping me illuminate that which I could FEEL but could not see. To Cassey, thank you for being here and thank you for being you.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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