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It is rumored that Wikileaks will soon release classified UFO documents revealing once and for all UFOs are real and the "gooberment" knows about them. Wikileaks has stirred up quite a debate as to whether it is a false flag internet censorship program or people who are tiered of the deceptions and lies. Personally I fall into the second category and almost everything I have seen coming from politicians has everything to do with serving the mega corporations not the people who put them in office. Reason this, 94% of the people said no to bailing out the banksters.

The too big to fail and we have to bail them out so they can continue to serve the people just didn't seem to go so well. Now with all the foreclosures and CEOs getting huge bonuses not to mention a large portion of the money going offshore we have to ask what about the people? Where did the trillions of dollars go? Polls are showing high 80% concerning the fact that people believe in UFOs and the "gooberment" cover-up. So why continue, the cover-up failed and whom does it serve to keep covering up UFOs? There is no We the People, it is now We the Corporations and those who control them.

The solution to Wikileaks is not to silence, jail, hunt down Julian. The solution is to look at the ones who are screaming the loudest for his head. Investigate where their funding comes from, see if their illegal or even treasonous acts are being uncovered not to mention abuse of the law and legal system. Major newspapers have all published the Wikileaks documents. It is called freedom of the press. According to most lawyers Julian did not break the law. Having sex without a condom as a means to jail him should set a precedent for jailing most of our politicians. They constantly screw all.....

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Comment by CHRISTINA on December 12, 2010 at 6:20pm

@ Simmy

I'm with you :)


@ Nicklas

I take it, it's bluffing...


@paTricia T

Thanks to James G for forwarding the post :)


Comment by Nicklas on December 11, 2010 at 11:51am

The interesting thing seems to be: Wikileaks actually has the upper hand right now. Yeah they could be bluffing with their "thermo-nuclear device" information, but what we have seen so far I believe they are serious.

It seems they are going to leak out the information in one way or another, so someone is in big trouble anyway ;)

Comment by Simmy on December 11, 2010 at 10:39am

This is the wikileak that I most look forward to!!!!!!

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