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no one's perfect
no one should ever want to be perfect
if we were to ever reach perfection there would be no reason for existence
the driving force behind life is change
the need for it
the want of it
the reaction to it
if something is perfect - it will never change - never grow - never evolve
it would be atrophy of life itself

be thankful for the grit of it all
the broken hearts and promises
the shameful secrets

experiencing something you have a 'distaste' for is an affirmation of life
it spurs you forward
it initiates the want of something different
it starts as a cascade of chemical reactions in the brain
the consequence is always change

contrast gives us something to push off of so that we can get closer to ourselves
to realize what we as individuals want to experience
to seek our own bliss

accepting contrast is allowing others to seek theirs

thanks to change
there will always be new ideas
new ways of doing things
new options
new alternatives
new choices

we are not all the same
we were not meant to be all the same
we are here to have individual, inescapably personal experiences
and interact with each other

true freedom is the ability to feel good for the sake of feeling good regardless of the circumstance
so many of us give our power away by letting the 'outside' affect how we feel
we've been on auto pilot for so long a lot of us have forgotten how to fly

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Comment by Walks In Snow on July 30, 2009 at 7:04am
Very well said...there is much thought and truth to your words. Thanks for sharing.

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