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Thing that just bug me a little about all these ET'S races

Things that just bug me sometimes is that most these of kind of ET'S races is that they seem to put all us in the same basket from their perspective we are all like barbarians and a savage race! gimme a break not all human are the same, seem like some of them are kind of pretencious! and if most ETS make us equal as them as them they will not pass this judgement! i have an hard time to understand them sometimes i don't try to judge them or nothing like that but it's just that its a small thing that bug me or my ego is hard to crush sometimes! and i also feel that sometimes we are kind of labotary rats they are watching us observe us i don't know maybe it's just my ego that is trying to take control of me..i am sorry ....

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Comment by Virgo™ I am GOD. on February 1, 2009 at 7:33pm
Martin, you should not feel like that because they don't judge you or view the human race this way. To them, it's like watching themselves mature and grow from an expierence. That is definately ego's response. If you still feel that way you are not quite ready to be here. I don't know if you've listened to the blogs I posted today but they're a great tool to understanding why they're here. And Steve, your ego is getting the best of you too. They're not about manipulations like playing games with your mind. That is you wanting to believe that. Universal peace is what we're all seeking and that all starts within. Be in joy, love, light and oneness with all that is. You want to know who the E.T.s are? They are you at advanced levels of GOD consciousness coming back in time to transform over again to expierence the wonders of life. Namaste from Ascended L.A.

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