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Everywhere, there is negative energy being produced out of various news threads, TV broadcast stations, magazines, scientific reports, etc... I think most of you know what I'm talking about here. Sadly, I'm sorry to say that the fact of the matter is that this information that is being fired out into the public, is constantly ushering us into more and more negative energy, trying to make us scared and easily lead right into the proverbial fire so that we're oh so easy to control! - Ok, I've said nothing thus far that we all haven't heard before or already realized for the most part I'm sure. But why is all of this happening? I have a very simple answer that I would propose to this question: Collectively, we're letting it happen, which I will continue to explain (my perspective on it at least) in this blog. Again, we may all know this already... something else that we may all notice already: All we seem to do is bitch and complain!!!

Before I go any further... This is only my perspective on things, I make no real solid reference to anything or anybody in this blog post, I quote nothing or no one, these views, suggestions and opinions are simply my own and derived from my own observation of current and recent conditions of the societies of the world as I can see and understand them. This ought to be well known before anybody accepts any of my statements as facts. If this resonates with you then great, but this is completely opinion based. Also, please note that I may make some very general references to people such as “us” or “we” implying that I refer to everyone. I strictly use these references generically and refer to only a majority or large number. ***************************************************************************************************************************************

Bitch, whine, complain, fantasize about it all getting better, research and find more dirty details of what's going on just to feed our insatiable needs for gossip and to further give us confidence that we are indeed right in our convictions that we are being wronged by our leaders, etc. – an opinion, or view point, that already seems all too common amongst so many of our peers, neighbors, co workers, etc... as if that wasn't verification enough. – Though, in the end, most of us "DO" nothing more than the actions stated above in this paragraph through various mediums.

So why is this normal behavior of most people in the world today? Large numbers of us seem to be in an agreement with each other that the world didn't exactly turn out the way that most of us had hoped it would! Large numbers of us may really wish that things would be different than they are (I'm talking with regard to issues that constrain us to living within limited boundaries of rights, freedoms, privileges, etc. Issues that are only issues, usually because of the dictating power of some governing body that the masses are subjected to the rule of). We seem to be stuck in this dilemma:

-subject to policies, systems, organizations, idealism, corporations, etc. that most of us do not agree with...

-wishing that such undesired influences on societies and people in general could be changed into something better and more widely accepted and, dare I say, peaceful (if we can even truly even understand that concept).

-not knowing how to bring about the desired results, and end up simply just complaining about the current situation, of course, to no avail!

So, those in control do whatever they want, we complain and really DO nothing and somehow, we still expect things to be different after we're all done our little rants... If we have all learned anything in the past few years of blogging, internet networking, conspiracies, etc. at all, I pray that it has been that this whole process simply neither changes nor accomplishes anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We simply turn into the next group of radicals that are just simply festering amongst ourselves and becoming the next example in society of "crazy". I hope I am making this clear to everyone and that we can all be humble enough to see whether or not we are actually putting our energies to work in the right direction(s).
(I certainly do not mean to call anybody crazy or offend them in any way at all.)

So... enough complaining already... Let's start thinking about what we can all do here.

I think the first step is to REALLY look at where the TRUE PROBLEMS are... the whys, how’s, and causes of everything we believe is wrong and try to relate it all back to as much of a root source as we can empirically and logically find. We’ve also got to start asking ourselves some questions and testing all of our own ideas as best we can to ensure that we’re not acting on impulse and that we are truly just in whatever actions we decide to take.
So what kind of problems needs solving in societies anyways? What kind of questions do I think we should be asking? Just what am I getting at here? An example… A series of people make a series of decisions producing a series of results that a series of us are discontent with to say the least... And who exactly is making these decisions? Why exactly? Why are we just being discontent and not changing any of this? Can we do anything at all about any of these financial happenings as an example(or anything else you feel is wrong in society for that matter) based on our rights/permissions/privileges within the governing political system (changing it legally)? I do, of course, refer to the average citizen when I say we... the people who have one vote and that is all the influence most of them have on "the powers that be" ... one vote, once every how many years? Fair representation? Democracy? Do you really know what's going on in the world? Or are you just told, and expected to believe? Look at all problems at the very root, you'll find easier, better and more thorough solutions there. Forget the details that one root problem causes... resolve the source and all the side effects go with it! Something to think about... something to do if you have the courage!

I'm not going to be the one person who decides what kind of action should be taken in order to get our world in the order that real people actually would like to see it in, and I don't think that any one person should be given such power at all! I think collectively we ought to start seriously talking about what the possibilities of action to take are, and base such possibilities on certain principles that prevent us from crossing the line too far. As an example of what I mean by that: you can't bring down a violent regime and expect to be looked at as a hero or expect to have made anything better or to be any different from the problem you’re trying to solve if your means to bring down the regime was violent itself. So there are definitely some issues to be cautious about when talking about taking action to bring about the world we all want to live in. We will have to practice what we preach in achieving such goals.

I believe it's time this issue (DOING something rather just complaining to each other) becomes a point of responsible and considerable focus on SOE. I really could go on for hours here with my ideas on all of this though I feel it will be better if we all begin coming together and collectively trying to find a solution to the powers that dictate our societies in such an undesired fashion. Let's stop partaking in the negative energy that we're constantly spoon fed, don't focus on these issues so much as problems anymore, lets only be concerned with staying positive (like so many of us talk about yet still fall short on and I’m no saint, I’m in this group too and trying to improve), and finding a genuine solution that everybody can be happier with and a part of!

Should there be enough interest in this idea, I would be happy to be involved with starting a group on this subject. But I'm not going to spear head this in any way unless this is something people genuinely and generally want.

So what does anybody think of all this? Where does this go from here, if anywhere? I’d be delighted to get some feedback on all of this.

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Comment by Marc on May 9, 2010 at 4:15am
Dear Vaddix, Forcertain and the rest of u reading this blog.. If u really want to do something actively join the zeitgeistmovement for real! Get involved. join your local chapter. It is getting bigger all the time globally. There are plenty of people realizing this day by day.. Smart and intelligent people who join their skills in trying to make things better. 1st of though, I do believe strength is in numbers. that's the 1st step: to get people informed. To ask questions about our and the planets state. How our governments work (or doesn't). And DO something!! Unite. We are one. Maybe the zeitgeistmovement is missing some of the spiritual aspects to the Golden Age we all want to be living in - but it is peaceful activism and I believe the Z.M. and TVP are the best bets out there right now for most of us. It goes straight to the core issues. Not patchwork. Several friends of mine are actually really trying to do something but as I said: I believe in strength in numbers!! Good day to you all.
Comment by Vaddix on November 9, 2009 at 6:07pm
Trudy. What do you mean by this?
'I have a great sympathy for you, and I fully understand that concern of yours over empty promises or predictions not hold. But patience is a virtue. We the SoE must offcourse working with our environment where we live and certainly give a good example."
Why must we off course working with the enviorment? If your city council isn't planting fruit trees then do it your self! And i don't see how planting friut trees combats any problem anyway. And if people just throuh away things then teach them the value of recycling. See only solutions.

Most governments are pretty useless when it comes to keeping their people happy anyway. Thats why its in your hands to make things better and not rely on governments, cuase i think we can all agree governments dont do shit and only cuase problems.
Comment by patrick on November 5, 2009 at 2:36am
Fight the bastards on the streets whenever the opportunity arises. Oh, ok, just kidding.
Comment by Trudy on November 4, 2009 at 5:03am
Dear Vaddix, let me first say that I find it exceedingly good of you that you try to develop free energy. Go for it ... I have a great sympathy for you, and I fully understand that concern of yours over empty promises or predictions not hold. But patience is a virtue. We the SoE must offcourse working with our environment where we live and certainly give a good example. For example, I'm back in my city 's-Hertogenbosch to live, and promises of the town, now about 17 years ago,to put more fruit trees in scattered places in the city (for everyone to take, especially in busy residential areas ) has finally not taken place. Separating waste, glass, paper, plastic and food is hardly applicable, most people still throw everything together in a large trash bin, which is no good way .Then when the banks were falling down, it became clear that many municipalities in the Netherlands, their subsidies given by the government for improvement of city and country, have lost by going to speculate with the money and ultimately lost.So yeah, there is a lot of work to do, but the powerfull people act like nothing is bad and everything is all right.
Comment by Vaddix on November 4, 2009 at 3:38am
From my twenty years on this planet i have seen nothing that leads me to believe, that working spirituality on myself can lead to change in the world. Change in the world takes physical action. You call that too young and inexperienced, I call that realism. I will ignore that you and trudy have both called me immature and inexperience and that i need to grow up, based off of a blog i posted a while ago, because it doesn't factor into to this discussion at all. If we look at this in the most logical way, you can see that in every case, action gets result. Something has to physically act, to get a result

I can tell you i came here with the idea that this place actually helps the world. Can someone please point me in the direction of a place that does? Cause as far as i can tell this is a place for people who preach about peace, but never actually do anything about it.

My reasons aren't just anger and boredom. Those are just a few negative emotions that spring up when i view the world, Empathy is another, Sadness, grief, frustration, annoyance, terrified. The very reason we have those emotions is so we can determine when something is wrong and needs to be addressed.
But if these emotions are channeled properly, they can be turned into positive ones, Like passion, desire, will, love, and many more positive ones. You see.
These are the emotions that come up when i think about helping. From wanting to help, in any way i can.

So is it that you think you can ignore the planets problems cause your not in the right place spiritually to help? In anyway possible? I know everyone on this site could take a few minutes out of their day to help in any way they can.
But besides from this disagreement. Is there a way we can get this thread back on track and actually start the think tank?
Comment by Vaddix on November 3, 2009 at 11:43pm
Thank you Patrick for your slice of reality cake,I understand now why we are in the economic crisis. i was generally referring to every crisis and the one linking factor being money. and thank you Chris for understanding my point. And Simpleman, i will be PM'ing you shortly. once i have my plans worked out and the supplies bought. I actually have a few questions.
Comment by Vaddix on November 3, 2009 at 11:22pm
Im sorry you took it that way marina. Yes i do want something to happen in 2012 regardless of the outcome, because taxes, interest rates, budgets bore me the death. In fact many many things about this society bore me to death. I want something to change. But i know it wont happen if i sit here working on myself instead of tackling the problem. But i don't see how that post has relevance to this topic.

But now i have an answer to the working on yourself question i asked, that you have graciously provided. Work to be stable and happy, so you can make the world stable and happy. I loosely understand. I will try to work to make the world happy, so i can be. And once again, people work their whole live trying to get the that happy stable stage. Most reach it at retirement. Would you have me work on myself that long before i do anything about the worlds problems? Im pretty sure there wont be much of a world left by the time im ready to retire. I don't need anything spiritual, All i need is the confidence and the understanding to pull it off.
I assure you that post earlier wasn't a dig at you, more a just trying to get an understanding on this "work on myself" frame of mind.
I know i pissed you off, but i believe it needed to be said cause Ive seen too many people on this site only "work on themselves", and forget there's a planet needing saved.
The fact that you where so pissed off meant you missed my point entirely. I'm not condemning working on yourself. Its admirable. to only work on yourself however, and not help the rest of the world is what im trying to discourage. This website is called saviors of earth, not saviors of myself. Its why i joined.

No im not happy with the way things are, and i lack general happiness altogether. That coupled with pessimism that i know we can fix our problems but i don't know if we can eradicate the greed. But that doesn't stop me from trying. I have a very strong seance of purpose.

yes i was very very angry on that particular blog you where referring to, because something threatened the one person that does make me happy. However my emotions have absolutely no relevance in this topic. I know what kind of things need to be done to help fix the planets problems regardless of my frame of mind.
However I do agree if i do nothing but bitch and moan about the state of the world like in that blog nothing will get done.

Trudy you obviously missed my point too. I'll agree that i have some growing up to do and at times i can be immature, (like that blog you guys keep talking about), But that still doesn't change the fact that it has nothing to do with this topic.
You guys work on yourself all you like. But please don't forget there's a planet needing help. I dont understand how you guys don't see my point. even a little?
Comment by patrick on November 3, 2009 at 8:21pm
Sorry Vaddix my comment was directed at the main post from forcertain. It certainly can be frustrating looking out on the world and seeing so much ignorance and apathy. I feel your frustration (Vaddix, and others) and can only agree with you. However, I think a lot of our pessimism is grounded in the distractions and lies fed to us constantly by the mainstream media. Fancy a slice of reality cake ? Why is our civilization experiencing this material crises ?
Capitalism has always been prone to crises. Periods in which it was claimed things were going well and that it was the best of all possible systems have always ended in it causing suffering to millions of people as they lose their jobs, their livelihoods and, all too often, their homes. Things could not be otherwise, since the only coordination between the firms that oversee the production of the necessities of life (and the means of delivering instant death) is through their blind competition with each other. Karl Marx spelt this out in Capital 140 years ago in a way which mainstream economists refused to recognise for nearly another 60 years. What is more, in the years after Marx wrote, as the system spread out to embrace the whole world and the size of the biggest firms got ever larger, the crises grew greater, until the early 1930s experienced a slump such as had never been known before.

At that point the more farsighted supporters of capitalism came to the conclusion that only intervention by the state, with at least a partial turn to state capitalism, could prevent the system's self-destruction. This seemed to work from the early 1940s through to the mid-1970s. Capitalism boomed as never before and responsibility was ascribed to the ideas of the economist who had theorised the turn to the state, John Maynard Keynes. What was barely noticed was that it was not Keynes's liberal ideas but the sheer scale of spending on the US war machine that pulled the rest of the global economy forward.

Then in the mid-1970s the supposedly magic formula of the post-war years suddenly stopped working. Attempts to use Keynes's methods to deal with the first big post-war recessions, in 1974 and 1980, did not work. The methods did not lead to a return to the high growth rates and low unemployment of the previous decades, but to inflation as well as recession. Capitalists and states turned away from Keynes's view that the state could ward off crises to the opposite view, put forward by monetarist and neoliberal economists, that only the removal of state intervention could.

That did not work either. It gave a justification for cutting into welfare benefits, passing anti-union laws, forcing workers to compete with each other for their jobs through marketisation, and reducing taxation on companies and the rich. For these reasons it was a welcome ideology for capitalism, allowing a limited improvement in profit rates from 1982 onwards. But it did not restore the system to its old health.

There was some recovery from the economic crises of the early 1980s, the early 1990s and the early 2000s, but to a large extent it was on the basis of financial speculation. Banks, investment funds and hedge funds made huge profits by lending as never before. A rising tide of debt enabled people to buy things they could not otherwise have afforded, and this pulled the whole economy forward. It was as if the permanent arms economy of the post-war decades had turned, at least in the US and Britain, into a permanent finance economy.

But it could only ever bring temporary relief to the system as a whole. Financial institutions do not make anything. They merely give those who run them or work in them money to buy things supplied by others. A point was bound to arrive where supposedly fabulous profits made by the turn to speculation melted away, precipitating renewed crisis.

The response of governments and central bankers was to turn to doses of the state capitalist, "Keynesian" medicine they were denouncing in their speeches. They poured money towards financiers and industrialists while preaching "we are all in this together" sacrifices to the mass of people. In this way problems caused by a financial bubble in the 1980s were temporarily overcome with a bigger financial bubble in the mid to late 1990s, and the problems that led to were overcome with the even bigger bubble of 2002-2007. But each time the average level of debt at the heart of the system became greater. And it was this that enabled industry, not only in Europe and the US, but also in the newly expanding economies of Asia, to find markets.

The credit crunch of August last year signified a sudden realisation that much of the mountain of debt could not be repaid. Banks and hedge funds were now in danger of not even being able to pay their own bills, and since they have lent to each other, if one went down others would suffer. Now the high priests of capitalism fear a catastrophic meltdown of the financial system. And they know that such a meltdown is bound to affect the rest of the economy, where real wealth is produced, since it was only the financial bubbles that had kept the real economy growing.

The world's biggest states, with the US at the fore, are faced with the choice between unprecedented dollops of state capitalism to encourage further, and ultimately still more dangerous, bubbles, or allowing giant firms to go bust even though this risks bringing about a crisis on the scale of the 1930s. The fact that they have tried doing both shows how precarious the situation is. If they somehow succeed in preventing the worst happening, it will be through luck, not judgement, at best creating yet another bubble which bursts even more disastrously.

Their confusion, their divisions and the shock they have caused to millions who used to believe in them provide us with an opportunity to explain the real character of capitalism and the necessity to replace it. As their crisis develops it will also provide innumerable occasions for mounting resistance. We have to seize those opportunities, knowing that while their class may suffer a little from the crisis, ours can suffer massively if it does not fight.

Roubini commented, satirically, in his article on Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, "Comrades Bush, Paulson and Bernanke have now turned the USA into the USSRA (the United Socialist State Republic of America). Socialism is indeed alive and well in America; but this is socialism for the rich, the well connected and Wall Street, a socialism where profits are privatised and losses are socialised with the US taxpayer being charged the bill of $300 billion."

We have to seize the opportunity provided by their ideological somersault to put the argument for genuine socialism, in the interests of those who work and suffer under this system. And we have to be part of the myriad forms of resistance people will put up as the combination of recession and inflation hits them. This is happening and if you can't see it you are probably looking at the wrong channel.
Love to all.
Comment by simpleman on November 3, 2009 at 7:38pm
Vaddix, I may be some help to you with the wind turbine. You are generating DC eletricity, however you voltage is not regulated. You need a voltage regulator and a AC/DC power inverter ( makes DC eletricity like in a car battery to AC eletricity like used in a house). I you have any question and you should, just PM me.
Comment by Trudy on November 3, 2009 at 6:07pm
My compliments to you dear Marina, with this comment to brother Vaddix, you just did a very good deed :))) These youngsters have their hearts on their sole and miss with these statements the tooth of wisdom that no doubt will be present but perhaps not yet mature ... uninhibited souls, who once mature, will add great value to improve our beloved planet earth ...
Love you guys do not let that be misunderstood
Always in Love and Light for all of us to achieve and receive...

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