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The Waith Channelings, nice simplistic way of explaining the coming Shift Changes.

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"The earth plane is a training ground with a specific purpose and established set of plays that we call Illusions. These Illusions are placed into a Portfolio of Illusions The current illusion that you find yourself in - this life that you find yourself in - has been in existence for 10,000 earth plane years.

"It was the one that came after the Atlantean Illusion. And, when we say Portfolio, we mean that there are many, many, many plays, if you will, and that the Portfolio takes approximately one million earth plane years to run through. There are some plays that last 6,000 years and some plays that last 15,000 and some that lasts 12,000 and these plays, or as we call them, Illusions, move very smoothly, actually, from one to the other. The transition between one illusion into another generally has some type of dramatic, physical Earth activity.

"This physical Earth activity is meant to happen so that the physical Earth - the planet - can clean itself of the vibration and energy of that particular illusion so that it, then, is clean and ready to go into the next illusion. Those dramatic Earth changes - from one illusion to another - have included such things as, what you sometimes call, the ice age, where there is a dramatic shift in the temperature of the planet which creates varying changes in the physical planet. Flooding has been another dramatic way of transition. What is about to occur is a shifting of the Earth's axis. This is a very common transitional activity.

"Many of the illusions in The Portfolio of Illusions utilize this shifting of the axis and what happens, then, is that the Earth, much like you would be on a swing and you are swinging back and forth and back and forth and before you know it, you have swung so high, that the momentum of the swing brings you over, backwards, on the pole that is holding the swing.

"If you hold on tight enough to the sides of the swing, you will stay on the swing and find yourself back in equilibrium. And, that occurs in a very brief instant. It is the momentum before - that flipping - that can create fluctuations in the energy - go higher and higher and then you go back and as you are going back and forth and back and forth, some of you may begin to feel nauseous from the motion. Others of you may feel exhilaration from the motion. But, you feel changes in the way that your body feels as you move back and forth and back and forth. And, when finally the swing flips over and you return to the point of beginning, your physical body, then, feels better, for there is none of this tension of moving back and forth and back and forth. This is what happens with the Earth as it is now moving - it is swaying back and forth, back and forth.

"Those of you on the plane now are experiencing the effects of the back and forth. Many of you are closely aligned with the vibration of the Earth and feeling its subtle motions. The dramatic weather activity on the planet now is the most concrete indicator of this swinging motion - the extremes - hot when it should be cold - cold when it should be hot - dry when it should be wet - wet when it should be dry. Extremes across the planet. This, however, is a cleaning out time for the planet. It has become polluted. This, however, is a common occurrence at the end of an illusion.

"It does not mean that everyone has been bad and that you are going to be punished now - quite the opposite. It simply means that the end of the illusion time has come and it is time to clean off the stage and get ready for the new play - to bring on the new scenery - to bring on the new decorations. There will be some who will be players in the new play and others who will not for they choose not to go into The New Illusion for any number of reasons. When The Shift occurs, it will happen in an instant - just like when you are on the swing. The more difficult part is what you are experiencing now - this motion of back and forth - extremes in all arenas - not just the weather, but in the political arena, in the social arena, in the economic arena, in your personal arenas - all of the extremes, back and forth, back and forth.

"Once that momentum has reached its peak and the Earth, then, is able to finally flip, it will take an instant. And, yes, there will be a shaking up of the physical planet and there will be a redistribution of water and land into a fifty-fifty percentage once again. At the beginning of every illusion the distribution of land and water goes back to fifty percent. And, then, as the illusion moves along, that distribution begins to change as part of what is built into the Earth's own changes.

"This is not a time of catastrophe - this is not an ending - it is a transition. There will be physical shelters and interdimensional shelters that, regardless of where you happen to be located, if you are planning to stay for The New Illusion, you will be in a shelter. You do not have to be in a so called, safe area, in order to be safe. You will either be in a physical shelter that is somewhere on the planet or you will be in what we refer to as interdimensional shelters. Some of the interdimensional shelters are below the planet and others are simply interdimensional. You will be brought into those interdimensional shelters by those who protect you - interdimensionally.

"This is not an earth plane, concrete, protection mode. Your Angelic Protectors and your Spirit Guides will all be part of the rounding up of the energies, if you will, into the appropriate shelters. If you have not adequately prepared yourself vibrationally for The New Illusion, then you will simply leave the earth plane at this time, just as you would leave at any other time when your path in that life is completed. So, if you are not prepared vibrationally at the time of the shifting to move into The New Illusion, it simply means that it is the end of your path for this life just as it has been the end of your path in hundreds, and in some cases for some of you, thousands of lifetimes - the path ends. You go back into another dimension, you re-evaluate and come back when it is appropriate for you to come back. That is all that it is.

"For those whose paths are meant to move into The New Illusion, you will be in a shelter and while you are in that shelter, you will be given guidance and information to help you to be part of the start up of The New Illusion. The time in the shelters will be very, very short - as you measure it on the plane perhaps two to three days. It will seem very natural, this transition. The Earth changes, dramatic as they will be, however, will be very natural for you. If you are to move into The New Illusion, then when the dramatic part - when the actual shifting occurs - you will not be aware of it. You will have been brought into the shelters.

"When you return from the shelters, it will be a very natural, normal world that you return to. It will not seem strange to you. There will be three types of groups of people - those who remember everything about the old illusion and recognize that they are in a new illusion, those who remember nothing and think that the world they live in has always been like it is currently, and, a third group who are somewhere in between the other two groups - they believe in this new illusion but have Soul memories, very consciously, of a time just past.

"There will not be hunger, pestilence and poverty. You will not be going back to the caves. You will not be going into some uncivilized world. All that you are developing now with the end of this illusion from a technological standpoint, will be kept in place for The New Illusion. The New Illusion is a highly developed technological illusion - much more so than this current illusion. It has much relationship to the Atlantean illusion.

"The energy field of the Earth planet and the Earth as an energy is held together by what you commonly now know as the pyramids. There are 12 major pyramids that keep the illusion of the earth plane in place and keeps the concreteness in place. With each illusion there is a changing of the guard where these structures are concerned and different shapes of these structures occur. And, the structures are positioned in different geographic locations on the planet.

"The closing down of this illusion began approximately 300 to 500 earth plane years ago and at that time the master pyramids were given their alternative sites, if you will, and began at that point in time a slow process of transferring, interdimensionally, information and energy into the new sites - the 12 new sites on the earth plane. As time has progressed on the plane, that transference of energy has accelerated to the point that now it has reached a frenzy, if you will. There is a high, high transference rate of information and energy being transferred.

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Comment by Dean on December 29, 2008 at 1:56am
I love this! Exciting times!

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