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The truth has a way of revealing itself eventually: it is doing that right now

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 27th
November 2011


"If you tell a lie big enough and keep
repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be
maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the
political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes
vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for
the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is
the greatest enemy of the State."


Joseph Goebbels


This, my dear, is what you are seeing
all over your world. People gather to share the truth but these brave souls are
being brutally attacked by those who want to suppress the truth. People
throughout history, fought and died for the right of free speech. Only in
repressive regimes is this denied you. Send love and protection to those who
speak out in your name. They ask only for truth and reconciliation. They want
all nations to come together without fear, to work together for peace. The
changes that must and will occur, will happen when the majority have love and
peace in their hearts, even for those who appear to be mortal


Those who are in control are on such a
terrible path of destruction. It will take a lot of energy for them to see the
error of their thinking. All of you, together, can do this: it will not need
bombs and bullets. The power of love can create such harmony that the Dark
cannot penetrate it. As your consciousness expands you will become aware of who
you are. Your world will change completely. All the stress of materialism will
disappear and you will experience life on your planet in a completely new light.
Your connection with your spirituality will be restored and the whole universe
will open up to you. It's just a question of getting through some difficult
times to get there, but when you do, everything will be open to you. Pray for
guidance to enable you to see the lies for what they are. Then they will not
affect you. They are just the last effort of your controllers to hold on to
their control. They need war — any war — to bring down the energy of your world.
Beware of those who try to force you to accept their
for war.


David Icke once joked, "What would
happen if a war was declared and no one turned up?" No one to do the killing !
It is up to all of you to make the changes happen. The truth will set you free.
The truth is usually the exact opposite to what you were told it was. It was
certainly a clever idea to confuse you. The truth has a way of revealing itself
eventually: it is doing that right now. Control is moving to the many, the 99%.
So "the meek will inherit the Earth". Peace will reign once more.


Try to protect the children from
information given to them through their education. Their young minds
need to be protected and guided. The power of the State to remove children from
their loving parents is alarming. When you bring souls into the world, it is
your duty to love and protect them, to guide them until such time as they are
able to make their own decisions. Everyone has the absolute right to choose the
direction his life will take. My dear, when I passed over, I told you, "Nothing
is as it seems." You are learning every day that nothing at all, whether it be
religion or government, are what they claim to be. You are all victims of the
greatest CON ever, on humanity. They have got away with it for such a long time
but now the light of truth is shining on them. They are exposed. It is not a
pretty picture. It is mass deception on a massive scale. The human race has been
brutally abused by those who profess to preach love and peace. This is the exact
opposite to the facts. Is it any wonder that they try to suppress the real
truth. They also feed certain people false information to try to create a false
sense of security to prevent you from keeping a watchful eye on everything that
is happening around you. They are extremely clever. They did not get where they
are today by being careless. They believe that they have you trapped by the
financial problems they have created for you.


With our help and guidance we will free
you from the prison of lies in which you exist. Come together with those who
appreciate the truth. Help them to understand that there is a way out of this
sorry mess. You are not helpless. The knowledge you are acquiring is freeing


Ancient knowledge will come forth,
also, that will prove positively what was done to you and how you can retrieve
all that was taken from you. Again, I remind you, that ancient Ireland holds
irrefutable evidence that will change your world forever. The Prime Minister (Mr
Enda Kenny) should be encouraged to look at the evidence, then he will see
everything in a very different light. Mr Kenny has been brave up to now. Is he
brave enough to take the next step? It is time to step out of the Illusion you
call life.


I have asked so much of you since my
passing. You have had to face and cope with quite a lot. It has not been easy.
The results, my dear, will outweigh all you have been through on my behalf. The
freedom that the truth will bring will surpass even your wildest dreams. All
over the world there are people connecting with the Spirit Realm. They are
seeking truth from all quarters, each of you playing your own unique role in
this great shift to truth.


We are on the right path, my dear. It's
all coming together. Your adoring husband, Monty

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