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The Tibetans Always Knew That... The Only Time We Have Is Now!!!

The Tibetans also knew that how important it was for us to connect ourselves with our higher consciousness in order to stay aware of the spiritual essence in us from which we came. Our spiritual essence creates the structure for many layers of our light-bodies and also our physical body. If we don’t focus on our light-body activation we will not be able to make changes in our physical form and the body begins to age.

The story takes us to the Tibetan monastery thousands of years ago where the sacred technique of rejuvenation rites was kept in secret and the practice was developed and passed down by monks from generation to generation, It finally reached the public in the 1930’s when it was detailed in Peter Kelder’s book “Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth.” It is now known as the Five Tibetan Rites, a series of exercises with mystical, age-reversing properties, taking just minutes a day to perform and producing phenomenal benefits within a month with the most dra- matic changes coming after ten weeks. Young people and athletes are especially finding enormous success in reaching their peak per- formance on each level by practicing the Rites.
It is interesting that even Kelder’s book didn’t include information about the additional six Tibetan Rites shared only between the Gnostic Brothers and until now has been kept secret.

In this article you will learn that there are eleven Sacred Rites of Rejuvenation and not five as originally thought. and I will discuss the esoteric approach which is the key to practicing these rites. These additional six sacred rites were discovered by the late Samael Aun Weor, a Tibetan Lama and Grand Master of Occult wisdom. Samuel’s interpretation of how to use your
consciousness to raise your vibration while performing these rites is the core to learning this sacred tradition. I am fortunate that Samaels’s interpretation was passed down to me from Master Sunyata and I am blessed to be able to now share this with you.

When devised by the Tibetan Lamas, these exercises were not meant to be mere- ly physical, but were also used as methods of prayer, focused intention to higher con- sciousness and meditation. For the Lamas this practice was so reverent that they prac- ticed these Rites on a Prayer Mat.

Performing these sacred rites is a vehicle to help us to remember who we truly are and helps us to understand where we are going and to realize that time and age really does not exist but is only an invention of the egotistical mind. It helps us to see that not only can we slow down the aging process but that we can also stop and even reverse it. Tibetan Rites can put us on the path to com- plete regeneration, both spiritual and otherwise. It gives us the information to answer all of the questions we might have concern- ing health and rejuvenation by allowing us to investigate through direct experience.
This temple, we call our body can be a perfect vehicle, an art of performance and creation in this beautiful world of matter. The Rites take us on a magical life journey with real meaningfulness and with the highest joy. They are so powerful that they can transform your body to its perfect condition.

If you focus only on the physical aspect while performing these sacred rites it will be just another physical workout leading toward oxidation and aging. By using the Lama’s secret approach of syn- thesizing your spirit, mind, emotions, aura field and body you begin to vibrate on a level where you can reach your maximum potential. This is something which is not explained in any of the previous writings and will be explored more in depth as I explain one of the rites.
Add light when you practice each Rite; Become lighter by focus- ing your being, intention, thoughts, words and actions toward lifting your vibration. This starts to transform and change your DNA, cells, organs, endocrine systems and the speed of your chakras so that they can act with their highest potency. Every cell in your body has con- sciousness and responds to light.
The goal in practicing the Tibetan Rites is to purify the astral substance, clear and raise the vibration of the etheric and physical bod- ies and incarnate more of the light body and get its structures and energy centers balanced and functioning properly. Through this, the spirit is able to interact highly with your physical matter.

For example:
Stand erect with arms outstretched horizontal to the floor, palms facing down. Your arms should be in line with your shoulders. Spin around clockwise until you become slightly dizzy. Gradually increase number of spins from 1 spin to 21 spins.
Breathing: Inhale and exhale deeply as you do the spins. The esoteric benefit:
What happens in your physical body: 1.All your blood rushes to the peripheral areas of the body and when you stop, your blood rushes back into the center. This high speed flow gives all of your organs an
extreme wake-up call. 2.Your heart starts to beat faster and
the enhanced blood flow cleanses the blood vessels.
3. Your metabolism gets its peak per- formance.
4. Your energy channels (nadis) open
5. Water molecules in every cell in your body begin vibrating on greater level including the DNA.
6, Frequencies are erased in your entire being and your aura field expanded.
7. Negative vibrations lose hold and are no longer part of your being and you are able to carry a higher vibrational light.
While performing the rites it is very important to visualize the brightest and most intense white light (like a laser beam) emanating out from your whole being all the time.

RITE # 10
In the Five Tibetans version this is described like a deep relax- ations at the end of the exercises.
Posture: lie flat on your back with your legs fully extended on the ground and your feet about twelve inches apart.
In the new version it has an extremely important meaning. Posture: Face up, with the legs vertical and resting on the wall.
The benefit:
Whoever manages to perform this exercise for three complete hours will reverse the aging process and will experience the effects of rejuvenation. In the beginning this exercise should be performed for at least five minutes working your way up to three hours
By practicing The Tibetan Rites and uplifting one’s vibration, the more expansive your consciousness will become and you will view life as never before---You will step into the journey of miracles in each moment.
Sirve, a Reiki Master and an anti-aging expert, has been teaching the esoteric approach for these rites for eleven years throughout the world.

For more info, Sirve can be reached at: SIRVE108@GMAIL.COM
561-674- 6532

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