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The Starshield Experience Live! International Tele-Activation

The Starshield Experience Live! International Tele-Activation

A New Wave of Cellular Restoration, Physical Rejuvenation & Healing!

Saturday June 22,  2019  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time)  - $35

Come experience the latest speed-of-light transmission that will restore your energy,  renew your cellular blueprint and strengthen your spiritual connection in a matter of minutes.  This multidimensional activation will override and defy the day to day challenges we encounter and allow you to rise beyond the limitations and mental constraints of our current reality construct.  This quick light infusion will keep your body, mind and spirit in a continual state of healing, renewal, ascension & ageless youthening.  Regardless of whether you are experiencing stress, illness or social programming, this galactic Star-Shield will continue to operate at the very highest level, blocking anything that would prevent you and your body from experiencing your divine birthright of supercharged energy, perfect health, rejuvenation, vitality and spiritual upliftment. Not to be missed!

This is a visual phonic transmission which is a different format from the usual classes.   The initial session will last about approximately 45 mins and you will have access to the transmission for the whole weekend!

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