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The Secret Language of Life Saint Germain Through Sharon Stewart

The Secret Language of Life
Saint Germain
Through Sharon Stewart

Saint Germain was talking about this so I'm going to have him expand on this.

He said: “Tap into the secret world which surrounds you. The secret world of communication that has been forgotten for so long.

Are you thinking of doing something and then see a green car or a red car? What does that tell you?Sharon recently was wondering, 'Why am I seeing all these red cars today?! Was there a sale on or something?' No, it was because she was to stop something she was thinking of doing. You notice what you need to notice.”

I was listening to Badfinger singing, “I guess I got what I deserved,” just as I looked over at the passenger's side window to see a big plop of bird doo doo on it. I know who sits in that seat all the time and I did get what I deserved. I hadn't learned the lesson I was supposed to. And yes, I do feel shit on quite often by this person.

St Germain: If it were you that was 'defecating' on somebody, then it would have landed on your window, but it did not. It landed on the window of the person who is taking advantage of your generosity.

Me: I know. I get to be the mother people didn't have when they were younger. I get to help them grow up. I'll be cutting the umbilical cord very soon and...+

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