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'The Schwarzchild Proton' ~ Nassim Haramein ~ 'All Things Are One'

Nassim Haramein is director of research for The Resonance Project Foundation. Nassim has spent most of his life researching the fundamental geometry of hyperspace, studying a variety of fields from theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology and chemistry to anthropology and ancient civilizations. Combining this knowledge with a keen observation of the behavior of nature, he discovered a specific geometric array that he found to be fundamental to creation and the foundation for his Unified Field Theory.


Nassim Haramein’s model of the universe connects all things large and small from galaxies, stars, and planets to atoms, protons, and electrons. In fact, Nassim’s easy to understand. Explanation of this unification serves as a proof for the commonly quoted spiritual saying “all things are one”.

Nassim Haramein explains the connection between all things in his award winning paper, 'The Schwarzchild Proton', as proton entanglement. This entanglement has previously been noted by physicists as the observer effect, but until now was not adequately understood or accounted for.

Using only classical Newtonian physics, Nassim Haramein proves that every atom has a black hole, or singularity, at its nucleus. Because our entire physical world is constructed of atoms, the implications of this finding are staggering. Typically, we think of black holes as being very dangerous and very far from us, tucked away in the center of the galaxy or in an isolated corner of space. However, Haramein shows that black holes are integral to life as we know it due to the role that they play in creating a feedback loop between our perception of space-time and the vacuum.

Through the use of fractal geometry, Nassim explains that infinities can and do exist within finite boundaries. The problem is that typically when people think of infinity they imagine the infinitely large. This becomes difficult conceptually because we are bound by the scale of our perception, namely our bodies. However, if we look within our bodies, dividing (or zooming in on) the stuff we are made of, we see a completely different story of the infinitely small. Our bodies are made up of approximately 100 trillion cells! And each cell contains about 200 trillion atoms!!


And each atom contains sub-atomic particles. And as the Large Hadron Collider from CERN is being used to demonstrate, these sub-atomic particles can be divided into even smaller particles. Nassim demonstrates through fractals that, indeed, a finite space can be divided an infinite number of times. From this example, we quickly begin to see that infinity exists within each of our own physical bodies.

As Nassim Haramein states, “If you were taking these principles and applying them to yourself, you could start to visualize, you could start to imagine, you could start to experience that maybe within the confines of the finite structure that you’re in is the potential of infinite division, the potential of [an] infinite amount of information.

Philosophically, that has a very powerful impact on someone’s consciousness. It just happens to be very similar to what many of the masters that have walked the earth have talked about that within [each of us] is God, the Kingdom of Heaven, … and so on.


At the heart of Nassim Haramein’s physics is the concept of the vacuum. We typically think of outer space as a vacuum or frictionless empty space. The amazing thing about this “empty” space is that it has an incredible energy density.

Moreover, Haramein tells us that the vacuum connects all things. As eluded to above, our bodies are made up of a lot of atoms, 2.0 x 1023 (that’s a 2 with 24 zeros behind it). What most people don’t know is that atoms, which we encounter in our daily life as solid matter, are made of 99.9999% empty space.

So everything in our world is comprised almost completely of empty space – or the vacuum. As Nassim discovered, “Maybe it’s the vacuum, what we call space, that has the key to creation… Maybe the space is the infinity and the boundary is the finite structure.”


Once we start to view our bodies as mostly empty space and we consider the role of consciousness, we can begin to glimpse the profound connection that we have to all things, and we can begin to understand the role that The Practice and meditation play in connecting us to the seeds of creation and our own infinite nature.

In a recent interview Nassim Haramein succinctly described the IMPORTANCE of MEDITATION in relation to the hard science that he has developed:

“The way into the vacuum… is to go inwards towards the singularity, to the point of stillness where all spins cancel out… The tendency is to try to focus outside yourself, but really what is necessary is to use techniques of meditation, or contemplation, or so on to actually go inside yourself towards the infinitely small… to actually go towards singularity, towards the infinite potential inside each one of your atoms… to the information network, and direct it in a way that will fulfill [y]our deepest desires [this] becomes very, very powerful.

If we take the time every morning to connect with the stillness then at least we know how to get back to it.

So if we experience the spin throughout the day we can [recognize when] we are spinning and return to that point of singularity, stillness… If we don’t know where that center is, there is no gauge for us to know how far we are in the spin.

To get that clarity, I think that the best tool is to spend a few minutes every day going inwards… deeper and deeper into singularity.”

- Matt Chambers

We will continue our discussion on the work of Nassim Haramein and how it relates directly to Community Meditation and You in part two of our series.

About the Author – Matt Chambers is a meditation instructor and founder of Community Meditation and recently graduated from the Nassim Haramein Delegate Program as a Certified Resonance Project Delegate.






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Comment by simpleman on November 1, 2010 at 11:46pm
Great, I love this subject. thank you. Not to say any thing about Nassim, I think he is a cool dude, but what if LHC at CERN is actually a stargate? Theoretically, its possible.

Comment by CHRISTINA on October 30, 2010 at 6:01pm

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