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The Sacred Christ In Our Hearts

Posted on January 23, 2016 by Soren Dreier
Author: Soren Dreier


The ever present echo of ancient times again surrounds me,
the amber lit sunset maybe reminded me and I dozed into a state of lost reality, beneath the bougainvillea where I sometimes go and contemplate on our victories and our sufferings.

Thriving for that happiness that seems illusive, within reach it hides in plain sight
The tranquility of the transcendent bliss lies not in ancient times or the new dawn.
It is ever more present, vibrant in fractals
Illusiveness comes in spheric forms it seems yet it is solid, but we won’t see, will you?

Seeking what we think is missing – the magic of moments seems to hide.

In the now, we touch that
place of magic
the joy we were promised and we seem to think it is in the past or a future yet to rise
in the now we
are, not aware of that
and can not see it, blinded like
bats and cavemen frantically painting walls with
motives of our finest hours.

My heart closes in and unlocks while the
scent of the bougainvillea redraws and moths seek the light, maybe
on this night, they will go for the moon.

When will we know, that now
is all
there is and now
we touch that place
we so long for, moments arrive and we seem to let them pass
Thinking it is not the right moment. ‘Now’,
the amber lit sky whispered and finally

allowing the night to roll in…..allowing everything

The mystery and promise of the Christ lies embedded
within the sacred caves of our hearts.
….the time for exploration has emerged once again,
more needed than ever
gently, softly it will lead us home….

© 2016 Soren Dreier



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