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By: George Butler

Is a 7 year old German Boy the reincarnation of the late President John F. Kennedy? Johan Schuler, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Schuler of Munich, Germany has astounded his family and experts alike.

Among the things he can remember are the following: Being cheered by vast crowds, flying in his own jet airplane, minute details of the White House Office of John F. Kennedy, the faces of scores of friends and enemies of John F. Kennedy and details of American History.

An article in Midnight – a “tabloid” newspaper says the boy also remembers he had a wife named Jackie!
Professor H.N. Banerjee – a leading parapsychologist said: It is not possible that he could know these facts – because they have never been discussed in his presence, and he is only now beginning to read elementary school books…..
“In my estimation of the facts, the only logical conclusion is that this child is indeed the reincarnation of John F. Kennedy.”

Johan was born on November 22, 1963 at 9:48 pm – Considering the time difference between Munich and Dallas, it would mean that he was born at exactly 12:48 pm Dallas Time.
President Kennedy was shot by an assassin on that same day at 12:30 pm Dallas time, but was not pronounced dead until 12:59, but the doctors in attendance are convinced Kennedy died shortly after being struck by a bullet in the brain.

The child has a “birthmark” on the upper right side of his head, in approximately the same location as the wound sustained by the slain president according to professor Banerjee.
The boy’s mother recalls: “The first time we knew that there was something unusual about Johan was when he was three. When we brought his new little brother home from the hospital, he looked at him and started saying: John-John!

We laughed at that and told him no, it was Erik. But he would simply shake his head and keep repeating John-John.
A few weeks later, the little Johan approached his mother with a page torn from a slick magazine. He held up the page to her. “Jackie” he said.
Mrs. Schuler looked at the page and was startled to see that it was a picture of Jackie Kennedy.
At first the Schuler’s were convinced it was all a matter of coincidence and nothing else. But then – the coincidences began to happen almost every day, recalls Mrs. Schuler.
One day little Johan was lying on the floor drawing on a piece of stationary. “Why don’t you draw a house?” – his mother urged him.
Carefully the child drew a long, low house with a dome on top – a crude replica of the White House.
By the time he was almost five, young Johan was searching every magazine he could find for photographs of Jackie Kennedy.
Often he would sit for long periods of time looking at one of her pictures.
Johan was five when Jackie married Aristotle Onassis. “When he found a photograph of Onassis, he ripped it to shreds,” said Mrs. Schuler.
When Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated, the Schulers were discussing it one afternoon. Suddenly Johan burst into tears. When asked what was the matter, he replied, Bobby is dead!
The Schulers said that the reference they had made had been to “Robert Kennedy” not to Bobby.
About a year ago, the Schulers wrote to professor Banerjee who has investigated several cases of apparent re-incarnation.
“We had three long sessions – each lasting almost an entire day. The child talked much more freely with me than he had with his own parents.
He told me very bluntly that he felt that he had lived another life, and that he had been the leader of the people of the United States.”

“I asked him to describe the office where he worked, and he did so in great detail. Later, when I checked it out, he was correct in every instance.”
At one point the child mentioned the name of Lincoln. “I asked him if he meant Abraham Lincoln?” “No,” he said impatiently, “I mean Mrs. Lincoln who worked in the next office.
(Evelyn Lincoln was Kennedy’s secretary)
The child had vivid memories of standing before huge crowds of people. At one point in our interview he said: “Cuba was a mistake.” When pressed for an explanation he replied, “Castro will defeat himself, there should be no fighting.”
When Banerjee asked him why he went to Texas, Johan grimaced: The people there wanted to see me, and my friends wanted me to go.”

The child has very vivid memories of his “wife” Jackie.
She was a very neat person the boy said. “She always placed the clothes, and even the gloves she would wear the next day at the foot of her bed before retiring. She was very beautiful.”
Mr. and Mrs. Schuler claim that their son has never been exposed to American History, recent or past, and is now only beginning to read very elementary books.
Meanwhile the Schuler are beginning to worry about Johan. He seems to be getting more and more moody with each passing day.
Back to the time of Kennedy’s death and Johan’s birth. Did the both have to happen at exactly the same time for re-incarnation to occur?
Edgar Cayce, the famed psychic who often wrote on re-incarnation, said that the “spirit” may enter the child before birth, at the time of birth, or even several hours after the birth!

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