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The Monad, Soul and Personality ~ by Dr. Joshua David Stone

The Monad, Soul and Personality!
By Dr Joshua David Stone

In the beginning, God created sons and daughters of God in the spiritual state. He created what is esoterically called "monads" or individualized spiritual sparks of the Creator. It is the monad which has also been called the "I AM Presence." That was our first core intelligence, and first individualized identity.

This divine spark, also called spirit, is our true identity. The monad, or spiritual spark decided, with its free choice, that it wanted to experience a denser form of the material universe than it was living in.

Each of our monads, with the power of its mind, created twelve souls. It is as though the monad put down twelve fingers of fire, and at the end of each finger are the twelve individualized souls. Each soul is a smaller and partial representation of its creator, the monad. The soul has also been referred to as the higher self, super conscious mind and higher mind.

What we have here so far is that God created infinite numbers of monads or spiritual sparks, and each monad then creates twelve souls to experience a denser form of matter than previously experienced. Each soul, then desiring to experience an even denser form of the material universe, creates twelve "personalities" or "soul extensions" who incarnate into the densest material universe. We on Earth are personalities, or soul extensions of our soul, just as our soul is an extension of a greater consciousness which is our monad. Our monad is an extension of even a greater consciousness which is God, the Godhead, the Father and Mother of all creation.

So each of us on Earth has a soul family, so to speak, of eleven other soul extensions. The eleven other soul extensions could be incarnated on the Earth, or some other planet in God's infinite universe. Our other soul extensions could also not be incarnate in a physical body at this time, but could be existing on one of the other spiritual planes of existence.

Our eleven other soul extensions or personalities could be looked at like our immediate soul family. Extending this metaphor further, we also then have an extended monadic family. Each of us has twelve in our soul group, and 144 in our monadic group.

The Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul has stated that there are 60,000 million monads working through our earthly planetary system. If one would multiply 60,000 million times 144, one would have the number of soul extensions or personalities involved in the process of reincarnation on this planet.

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