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The mighty Capitol Hill: a StarGate ~

In this interview (October 13, 2010) William Henry shares his experience at James Gilliland's ranch ( and his insights into Capitol Hill.

"Freedom's Gate - Light Body Activation

The mighty Capitol Hill, in the tradition of all holy hills has a temple atop its mount.

The Capitol Building is a Temple of Transformation that uses sacred architectural principles to create a magnificent space where heaven and earth unite. It is a STARGATE!

Author and investigative mythologist, William Henry will reveal his findings about the Capitol Building and then expand the discussion to include the deepest human yearning; to ACTIVATE the LIGHTBODY, in the same way that Jesus experienced in the TRANSFIGURATION. This is our Sovereign rite as human beings and William will illustrate, using examples, how the ancients created the structures necessary to assist us on this sacred journey.

William shares with us, his extraordinary journey as he seeks lost secrets, mystical symbols and forbidden knowledge. He invites us on a quest to reveal the lost codes and symbols that will provide keys to unlock the amazing power within us. Visit:"

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