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The Media is not thinking for these 9/11 truthers

I just wandered how many people think just because you dont hear about it from the media doesnt make a very big audience here is one of the very best and constantly up dated 911 truth movement list of names and there profesions and this tells me the word needs to be pushed by us to hell with the media send them to this site and tell these well respected known by many and some not so known check it out These people had the guts to step forward because they new what the right thing to do was .We cant depend on the media to tell the public what is important they helped sell the 911 lies there were no places at all that you could debate the 911 commision findings WHY? Because theyre not allowed to show you something that they fear would bring harm to there corporate masters they are paid to protect with words ,any lie they can sell the public will do . Its up to us to spread the truth. agin check these people out who have the courage to speek about there not loudmouths or radicles they are people who care about truth and justice and real peace.

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