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The Last Book on UFOs ~ by James Gilliland

The Last Book on UFOs

The reason for the title is because off worlders will soon be telling us straight about who they are and why they are here. Contact is happening around the world with unprecedented ufo sightings over major cities. I was going to write a book but with global contacts; which are escalating time is of the essence. I want to first discuss the censorship and cover-up; dismal failure that it is. There are many aspects to it and knowing the hidden agendas will clarify why there is a sophisticated cover-up most people and even ufo researchers do not see. Some are even participating unknowingly in the cover-up.

The old cover-up and disinformation program was to officially dismiss the existence of ufos. They would parade bought scientists and other officials under the guise of national security to lie and deceive the people.  Although this is still going on even at top levels the real disinformation work is happening on unseen levels. When you know the goals you can easily see through the disinformation. When you look at the backgrounds of those in places of dissemination of information about ufos it will also clue you in to whether or not they can be trusted.

Many of the boards of ufo groups have been highly infiltrated along with well known ufologists and talk show hosts by military intelligence.  Look at their history and service records. Not all but many are still working for the same agencies.  They will disclose some information and control the release of information but they will not go the distance and tell you the entire truth. The game now is to keep it in the past and far away. When a major sighting or contact happens and footage is taken they flood the internet with rumors and fakes to discredit the footage and character assassinate anyone else involved. Case in point is the Dome of the Rock footage. There were a couple of real videos and photos taken along with multiple witnesses followed by a flood of fakes. There are other ways using psychotronics to create mental instability and even deliver false messages straight into the mind of unknowing victims who may be of good character yet ignorant of these technologies.  Once the victim delivers the false message even though they gave hundreds of true messages this is used to discredit them and blasted all over the net and throughout the ufo community.

The most obvious cover-up program is SETI; which is acting as if they are looking relieving everyone of doing their own investigation. Looking for radio waves is like using the Pony Express rather than email to deliver information. Any advanced race of beings would be using beyond light speed communication or non-local instantaneous communication as discovered by cutting edge science. Is there any wonder why SETI is used as the official Main Stream Media source? UFOs are appearing all over the world, contact as well and it has been proven and demonstrated yet where is SETI? Are they oblivious to global events because they are locked in on radio waves as the way to search? It is like a dinosaur looking for a satellite they just don't have the proper equipment or mental capabilities.

Now reason this, where you put your mind, there you are. Telepathy, remote viewing, remote sensing all show a higher form of communication. There have been experiments proving instantaneous communication no matter what the distance. Everything exists within the quantum field and everything is in communication; communicating instantaneously. The real question is how do we access this? Do we use physical equipment to measure non-physical realities? Do we look for less dense physical highly advanced beings and their ships, energy beings with energy ships, light beings with light ships, multidimensional beings with radio receivers and physical apparatus? Do we demand proof to be in the 1% physical reality we can perceive when scientists tell us we can only measure less than one percent of the universe in which we live? How barbaric and unscientific is that?

Are we a spirit with a body or just a body and can that spirit access other planes, dimensions, times, etc. Why would an advanced civilization not have mastered these abilities or have the technology to jump dimensions or time? 

Why is this information in all of the ancient writings totally ignored about physical ships, energy ships, light ships along with their occupants? Why have the plethora of documented contacts in the past been ignored. Who have we given our power too to tell us if ufos are real and let us know when they will contact us, who they are and why they are hear? I don't think any person or agency with a record of consistent lying should be given any credibility whatsoever in these matters nor should they be the source of truth.

So where does one find truth? The same place mystics, saints and sages have been telling you to find God, Creator, Spirit from within. Do your own research then take it within as to whether it is true for you. You are a multidimensional spirit; which has a temporary physical body and all the answers are within.


Yet many have chosen the physical body and base mental and emotional body to be their reality. These people can be led like sheep, are susceptible to the disinformation and fear tactics used to herd them into a be lie f system that is limited and false.

So what happens when you realize you are a multidimensional being, a spirit existing on a vibration continuum and begin to access other beings within the unified field?


"CONTACT" This is what they do not want you to know or have access to. They want you to be an ignorant sheep for human farming totally oblivious to any other reality outside their needs for you. Sound heavy, believe me it is?

Do you really think the Powers That Be want to empower you, enlighten you, and unify you with the Creator, the rest of Creation?

Do they want fueless energy, anti or counter gravity, the cure for disease, universal peace?


The oil, war and disease profiteers would go broke.

You could not be enslaved through dependency or ruled through fear and God forbid the Golden Age would put them out of business.


The good news is the Earth will eventually reunite with the greater family of man, all these things will come to pass and those who believe and promote separation or continue to believe they are entitled to rule and enslave others will not continue in this evolutionary spiral.

They will no longer be frequency specific to the Earth in her ascension process. 


Spiritual and peaceful non-compliance is the answer in the days to come.


Now is the time to no longer participate in any actions that are harmful to humanity and the Earth.


It is time to call on the God within, stand for truth, remind others of universal law and the karmic consequences of their actions.


Those on high zipping around in the heavens inspire this; they exist in the same unified field and draw from it just as you do. They are only aware of and access more of it.


They are you elder brothers and sisters on high. They don't use feekin antique radios to communicate.


Be well, James Gilliland


Pass it far and wide.

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Comment by CHRISTINA on February 3, 2012 at 4:00am
Comment by JIM4HOPE on February 3, 2012 at 3:22am

I believe this is where the truth is for any body who wants to have a encounter you will surly find one ,a lot of people visit his ranch and almost all come back with a certainty thaqt these were not satelites and they change overnite from skeptics to believers from there experience,I am fortunate to live close to the mountain ,and people who live around here know about these ufo s cause a lot of them have seen what cant be explained for many years I am sure that the majority of sightins are never reported because it is not a uncommon thing to see ,I like this last book on ufos James seams to be on the right road as far as what he says he can usually back up with crdible evidence he has a lot of respect from lot of people .Thanks CHRISTINA .. .. .

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