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The Key..Wake Yourself Up Fully And Everyone Around You! ~ by Zen Gardner

The Key..Wake Yourself Up Fully And Everyone Around You!


The only way to fully wake up is to take action. Period.


If  you don’t open the spigot of your life by researching the Truth, communicating, withdrawing from the system, turning off the mainstream media in every form, alerting others as to what’s going on, you’ll go back to sleep.

It’s that simple, and it’s that urgent.

The conscious awakening of humanity is unfolding at an exponential rate and is having an impact we’re seeing manifest daily before our eyes. But if you’ve ever tried to push a heavy car to jump start it, or attempted to get a big boulder moved, the most crucial point is when the momentum is just beginning to roll and it’s make it or break it to get to that magical kick start speed.

We’re getting there. Push harder…..and call others to get on board, in any and every way you can. Write, talk, get out of banks altogether, not just go into smaller ones, at least as much as you can. And use your money as a weapon against them. Buy local, don’t buy corporate crap as much as possible. Start a garden and grow your own food. Tell others around you to do the same.

And if you don’t know what to do, send help to those you believe are doing what needs to be done so they can commit their full time to doing it if they’re not already, or to help them do even more. Everyone needs to participate.



Wanna demonstrate, and mix with others who feel the call in whatever form? Go for it! Where will that take you? I don’t know!

Wanna participate in blogs and internet forums about your search, 9/11 truth, outrage about the world’s pollution, etc? Go for it!!

Point is, if you feel the call, respond! Respond! RESPOND! (Source)

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