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The Creation of our Grand Universe.

At the center of the known Cosmos within the surrounding Great Void, is the Original Source of all Creation, the Prime Creator and Infinite Spirit. The Prime Creator's prime motivation is one of a loving and creative expansion outwards from itself, constantly creating more and more Universes and material worlds of increasing perfection and beauty inhabited by spiritual elements of Himself. The Prime Creator does this with a great feeling of love for all His creations, and it is this love that drives Him to create more and more harmonious worlds of learning and perfection for the evolution of the "Sparks" of life originating from within Himself.

As part of the Prime Creator's plan for these newly created Spirits/Souls on their long journey of evolution, He has given them a limited "Free Will" in order to develop their own unique personalities, character and skills outside of His own consciousness. Their individual experiences will be constantly adding to the Prime Creator's own knowledge and experience in His expansion outwards. Through forever expanding the Cosmos with all of their creative outpouring, those newly created Souls join with the Prime Creator in becoming Co-creators of the Cosmos.

However, the Prime Creator has made it clear that a successful evolutionary path can only be undertaken by forever expressing a motivation of Love towards all others. This is particularly so in expressing True Love / Unconditional Love, which asks for nothing in return, but is normally reciprocated because like attracts like. It is also how you uplift people without imposing upon their freewill. This includes respecting the rights of others within a caring consideration for all, showing compassion for those in difficulties and having allowance and forgiveness for the faults within others. We should also always be ready to extend a helping hand down to our lesser endowed brethren in order to help lift them up to our level. Finally, it is only through recognizing our complete interdependence with all other life forms and in fully cooperating with them that we will ever be able to create more harmonious and perfect worlds.

On the other hand, pursuing a course of concentrating exclusively on our own self-interest, which usually means doing it at the expense of others, leads to aggression, hate, conflict, and ultimately to development of what we term "evil". "Evil" usually develops from those Souls who are overly eager or impatient in their expansion forward and who take short-cuts in their evolutionary process. Through building themselves up at the expense of others in following a path of total self-interest, they tend to push aside anyone in their way and then to steal from them the fruits of their energy/labor and achievements.

The Prime Creator has always decreed that no form of creation, however faulty, bad or evil it may turn out to be, should ever be totally destroyed. It must instead be transmuted into another form or element, so as to allow it to start up again from scratch.

The long evolutionary process for newly created Souls takes place within the many material worlds which the Prime Creator has organised to be created by his special "Servants of Creation". These over time have been formed into a successive series of massive Grand Universes made up of trillions of inhabited worlds. Each Grand Universe is built upon the experience and achieved levels of perfection of the previous one.

Our own Grand Universe is the latest in a series of at least six Grand Universes created out in the Great Void. The first physical creation to be created was a vast flat semi-ellipsoid central core known as the "Isle of Paradise". This is the abode of the ruling Holy Trinity of the Father, Eternal Son and Holy Mother/Infinite Spirit. This ruling Trinity is made up of the most evolved and perfected Beings brought over from the previous Grand Universe who volunteered to accept the great responsibility of overseeing and maintaining this new Grand Universe. They were also at the same time joined there by many other highly evolved Beings from the previous Grand Universe who were seeking to further develop their evolutionary experience.

The Central Isle of Paradise differs from all the other inhabited space bodies: it is not spherical. It is a semi-circular ellipsoid, being one-sixth longer in the North-South to the East-West diameter. The central Isle, although essentially flat, with its the upper surface to the underside being one tenth of the East-West diameter, is of the utmost verdant beauty and perfection to be found within the whole Grand Universe . Whereas the Trinity rulers have their abode on the upper surface, the underside functions as the focal point for all the Prime Creator's energy and gravity force originating from out in the Great Void and radiating outwards throughout the Grand Universe. This great gravity and energy stream is the cohesive force which attracts all the surrounding orbiting spheres into a permanent and binding physical relationship with the central core.

The next area created was to be the surrounding Central Universe of Havona, made up of over a billion extremely large spherical worlds orbiting around the central Isle of Paradise. These are mostly inhabited by those other advanced Souls who also volunteered to come over from the previous Grand Universe. They were later to be joined by the many newly created "Ascendant Souls" who have managed to make an evolutionary Ascension, as fully fledged Spiritual Beings, up from the lower physical worlds within their particular Galaxy/Local Universe.

The billion worlds of Havona are arranged in seven concentric circuits immediately surrounding the three circuits of the Paradise Isle satellites. There are upwards of thirty-five million worlds in the innermost Havona circuit and over two hundred and forty-five million in the outermost, with proportionate numbers intervening. Each circuit differs, but all are perfectly balanced and exquisitely organized, and each is pervaded by a specialized representation of the Infinite Spirit, one of the "Seven Infinite Spirits" conducting celestial affairs throughout each circuit.

Following the creation of the Central Universe of Havona, over a vast period of time there was a successive development of seven "SuperUniverses". These vast SuperUniverses are also populated by a mixture of "Descendant" and "Ascendant" Souls. These two groups are made up of either "Descendant Souls", citizens of Havona and Paradise who have undertaken to descend down into many of the newly created material worlds as teachers and helpers, or "Ascendant Souls" who have undertaken a long evolutionary path of Ascension up from the lower worlds. They all pass through one of the Seven SuperUniverses, on their way to eventually reaching either the Central Universe of Havona, or possibly progressing on further to an ultimate evolutionary destination, the Isle of Paradise.

One of the main functions of The Trinity Father on the Isle of Paradise is to endow all newly created "Ascendant Beings" once they have reached a certain level of development, with an element of His own "Personality", which also has an indirect link to the Prime Creator. Each Soul is thus given an internal overshadowing Spirit as their "Higher Self" or "Thought Adjuster". This fully trained Spiritual Entity is constantly attempting to guide the Ascendant Soul along a path concordant with the Nature and Will of the Trinity Father.

The second Member of the ruling Holy Trinity, is the Father's Eternal Son, responsible for overseeing the creation of all new Souls. The Third Member of the Holy Trinity, the Infinite Spirit/Holy Mother, invisibly representing the Will of the Prime Creator, expresses within Creation the "feminine" nature of nurturing. One of her especial tasks is endowing new Souls with their "Mind" function. The Mind is essential in developing an individual conscious awareness, which is normally beyond the capability of simpler forms of life. Through this individuated mental capacity we can become aware of the great "Law of Cause and Effect" (Karma), particularly in our interactions with others. The mind facility also leads to our developing a greater Spiritual capability.

Another important role assigned to the Holy Mother, as the "Infinite Spirit" with her link to the Prime Creator, is to be in charge of creating new members of the Prime Creator's "Servants of Creation", a separate evolutionary body of Beings better known to us as the "Angelic and Devic Kingdoms". These faithful and reliable Servants of Creation function under the ultimate authority of the Prime Creator and are thus not given any leeway of independent free will to operate incorrectly outside of the Prime Creator's Universal Laws. The members of the Angelic Kingdom, the Archangels, Angels and various Orders of the Seraphim, and of the Devic Kingdom of the Elementals responsible for mineral and plant life, are the largely invisible workers assisting in the background maintenance of all our created material worlds. The Angelic Kingdom also has a further task of providing a supporting and protective role for Ascendant Souls as their invisible Guardians and Spiritual Guides.

The Descendant Beings who descend from the Central Universes to the lower physical worlds on missions of help and teaching can also learn much by experiencing the difficulties of those worlds. However, they can be doing this at a great risk to themselves through being dragged down by the many physical temptations they are not used to being exposed to or through making bad choices or errors. They can often find themselves having to make enormous efforts to escape from a round of re-incarnations and climb back up to their previous levels.

Descendant "Old Souls" on the Central Universes do themselves sponsor their own spiritually young Soul offspring. Most of these younger Souls tend to choose on an embarcation down to the lower worlds in order to themselves gain needed evolutionary experience. They are aware that although they incorporate an element of their elders' perfection, they lack the soul strengthening experience of life which can only really be gained on the lowest physical worlds. However, they are even more prone than their parental Souls to be dragged under in these lower worlds and often find themselves stuck within a series of re-incarnations, needing to either correct mistakes or to improve upon a spiritual weakness.

We ourselves can make our own assessment as to whether a person is either a "Descendant Soul" or an "Ascendant Soul". The evolutionary source of all Souls is recognisable by the colour of their eyes, the eyes indeed being the "Windows of the Soul". All Descendant Souls belong to the Blue-eyed Races, with eye colours ranging from dark-blue; light-blue; blue-grey; gray-green and up to a very clear light silver-gray. "Ascendant Souls" belong to the Brown-eyed Races, with eye-colours ranging from black; dark-brown; red-brown; yellow-brown; brown-green and finally on up to a light yellow-green.

All the newly created young Ascendant Souls are not only greatly assisted by their overseeing "Higher Self" and Spritual Guides, but are all given a long course of evolutionary training on a graduated upwards series of "Morontial" worlds. This follows their first incarnation as a Human Being on one of the lowest physical worlds, such as Planet Earth, which is known with Nebadon13 as a "Seed Planet" for new Human Souls. The Morontial Worlds are large spheres specially dedicated to the training of Ascendant Beings towards achieving a full Spiritual status within their Ascension. Once they have graduated on the Morontial Worlds as a then fully "Spiritualised Being", the next step is for them to move up from their Local Universe/Galaxy to the SuperUniverse in which it resides. Once having finally reached the status of a "Perfected Spiritual Being" in a SuperUniverse, they can then move on further to the Central Universe of Havona. If they have then successfully worked through from the outer Spheres of Havona to the innermost ones, they may then be able to qualify for the "ultimate journey" to the Isle of Paradise. Once there they may join one of the "Finaliter Corps", ready for further service on either the lower worlds of the Grand Universe or eventually to participate in the creation of the next new Grand Universe. They may be meanwhile assignedto a lower world as a helper or spiritual guide while they await the physical creation of the latest new Grand Universe. At this very time there is slowly being formed out in the surrounding Great Void, as yet of uninhabited spheres, a new Grand Universe!

Of the "Seven SuperUniverses" orbiting around the Central Universe of Havona, is the Seventh and latest, named Orvonton, which happens to be the home of our Local Universe of Nebadon14 (more commonly known to us as the "Milky Way" Galaxy) and thus of our own Planet Earth/Urantia. This massive SuperUniverse is made up of over a trillion inhabited worlds. The SuperUniverse of Orvonton has as its Administrative Capital a large "architectural sphere" (an artificially constructed hollow sphere) named Uversa, part of a large Sun cluster which functions as the physical and astronomical center of this Superuniverse. Orvonton, led by its Supreme Ruler, Lord Siraya, who is always in close touch with the Trinity Father, is administratively divided up into ten Major Sectors, each encompassing a hundred billion inhabited Worlds. Each of these Major Sectors are further divided into one hundred Minor Sectors, of a billion inhabited worlds each.

Within each Minor Sector of the Superuniverse there are over one hundred Galaxies or "Local Universes". These Local Universes are themselves vast and each contain up to ten million inhabited worlds. A "Local Universe" is administratively divided up into over a hundred "Constellations" and each Constellation is further divided up into one hundred "Local System" sectors.

Our own Local Universe of Nebadon [Milky Way Galaxy] has as its Administrative Headquarters a large central artificial sphere named "Salvington". Salvington is over two hundred and fifty thousand light-years away from the Orvonton's central sphere of Uversa As our Local Universe of Nebadon is a relatively recent creation (only 300 billion years!), and not yet fully developed, it has only 3,840,101 inhabited Planets out of a normal of at least ten million.

Our own Planet Urantia/Earth is situated within Nebadon's Constellation of "Norlatiadek". Norlatiadek has as its own Administrative Headquarters the central large artificial sphere named Edentia. Edentia is made up of a vast area of beautiful gardens and landscapes, from where our own Earth's legendary "Garden of Eden" derived its name.

Finally, within the Constellation of Norlatiadek is Earth's own regional "Local System", named "Satania", a region made up of only 619 inhabited Worlds. Satania's Administrative Center is itself situated on a large "architectural sphere" named "Jerusem", from which we derive the name "Jerusalem". The sphere of Jerusem happens to be over a hundred times the size of our own Planet.

The Local System of Satania, within which resides our small and relatively young (only two billion years old!) Planet Earth, originally known as Urantia, is situated near the outer edge of our Milky Way Galaxy/Local Universe of Nebadon. The Local Universe of Nebadon is itself not far from the end of a spiral arm of the Orvonton SuperUniverse and thus relatively close to the surrounding Great Void.

Within the total Grand Universe there are over 700,000 Galaxies/Local Universes, along with that same number of Creator Sons as their Rulers. Each of these "Paradise Creator Sons" is given the right by the Trinity Father after a long period of training to finally run their own Local Universe. A "Paradise Creator Son" is a first line direct offspring of the Trinity Father. The second line of Paradise Sons, known as "Avonal/Majesterial Sons", who often undertake a "Bestowal Mission" to lower worlds to act as a temporary Spiritual Teacher and uplifter of their civilisation, are the direct offspring of the second member of the Holy Trinity, The Trinity Father's Eternal Son.

Our own Milky Way Galaxy or Local Universe of Nebadon, has as its Sovereign Ruler the Paradise Creator Son by the name of Michael of Nebadon. He is better known to us as Christ Michael, through his having had his Seventh and final "Bestowal" incarnation on one of his lowliest inhabited Planets, Planet Urantia/Earth. Here he embarked on this final Bestowal incarnation jointly with Jesus (Esu/Immanuel/Sananda) of Palestine15 two thousand years ago, overshadowing him during the incarnation. This exercise was so that he could finally earn the right to be recognized by his Trinity Father as a fully entitled "Sovereign of Nebadon", having served a long probationary period as Regent on his behalf. This final right is only bestowed upon a Creator Son after he has undertaken at least seven incarnations on his seven lower worlds of descending order. This can then qualify him as a full Sovereign of his Local Universe, entitling him to make all his own decisions without needing to consult with his Paradise Father.

When the Trinity Father at first authorizes the physical creation of a new Local Universe for one of his Creator Sons, he enjoins the Paradise Master Force Organizers, Cosmic physical creation Agents of the Prime Creator, to manipulate energy-matter into spheres of a certain stage of physical solidity. Once the first and Central Administrative Sphere is physically created, the chosen Paradise Creator Son can then appear upon the scene accompanied by his Creative Partner/Consort, a Daughter of the Trinity Infinite Spirit and thereby bearing an indirect link to the Prime Creator.

Thus from the Prime Creator's energies of space organized into habitable spheres of physical matter, Creator Son Michael of Nebadon, with the co-participation of his Infinite Spirit Consort/Partner, Nebadonia, took up residence and was now allowed to create new Ascendant Souls for his new Local Univers. His Consort/Partner, Nebadonia, as the resident Holy Mother/Infinite Spirit, was now given the ability to endow the vital "Spark of Life" to a new Human Soul as well as its vital Mind function. The first Being jointly created in Nebadon by Creator Son Michael and his partner, Nebadonia, was Gabriel, with the title of "Bright and Morning Star", and made Chief Administrative Executive of Nebadon. Gabriel also happens to be the Father of Jesus Immanuel/Sananda of Palestinian fame.

The first physical construction within Nebadon was the Administrative Headquarters World, a vast artificial sphere named "Salvington" along with its surrounding satellites. The completion of Salvington took over one billion years of present Earth time from the initial material creation by the Physical Power Controllers to the arrival of the first living Staff on the completed spheres. The next construction after Salvington was the creation of the Headquarters Spheres of the one hundred Constellations, followed by a further hundred Headquarters Spheres for the "Local Systems" in each Constellation. Each Local System is usually made up of about a thousand inhabited planets.

The Local Universe of Nebadon, as a relatively young cluster of starry and planetary realms within the Orvonton SuperUniverse, has unfortunately had its fair share of disruptions, including three Rebellions against the ruling Hierarchy. This includes the last one of 200 thousand years ago, known as the Lucifer Rebellion, in which 37 planets, including Earth, were to be placed under “quarantine”. These disruptions came about largely due to an insidious force of evil which infected some of the outer portions of the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton over 1.3 billion years ago. This very powerful outside evil source of darkness came in from an earlier Grand Creation out in the Great Void which had become totally corrupt under its somewhat deranged Leader. The infiltrating Dark Forces managed with their insidious wiles to corrupt some of the Highest Beings in the outer Galaxies/Local Universes within the Orvonton SuperUniverse. This force of evil led to many devastating Galactic Wars within our own Milky Way Galaxy, between the "Forces of Light" (the Galactic Federation of Light) to which our Planet was allied, and the "Forces of Darkness" (the Anchara Alliance) to which many "Dark Planets" belonged.

The essence of this insinuating evil influence, which filtered into not only some of the highest Beings within the Orvonton SuperUniverse and some of its outer Galaxies, comes from pursuing a prime motivation of self-interest and self-magnification at the expense of others, and thus the collective good. This arises when we do not follow the Prime Creator's only correctly defined evolutionary path, which is one requiring us to rise above pursuing one's own self-interest at the expense of others and learning to cooperate with and assist others for the benefit of the greater whole.

However, the Paradise Trinity Father of our own Grand Universe appears to have permitted this "darkness" to run its course as a powerful learning tool within our Sector. He has also had to take into consideration the Prime Creator's endowment of our “Free Will" to chart our own evolutionary course. Only now, at these "End Times" of the present major Universal Age, has He finally pushed through a total cleansing of this outside-sourced darkness within our outer Sector of the Grand Universe.


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