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The Change ( two ) ~"Off with their heads"~

The Change ( two ) ~"Off with their heads"~

Short and to the point as we are reaching the end:

The King is half way to Sirius by now.

One son is halfway to Andromeda by now.

The Rising Son is hiding in his hole.  Preparing for his last efforts.

The Priestess of The Dead has awakened.  Although no one seems to know where she is.

The Twins are waiting for her.

Ten has now come down to four.   Even Cassandra has departed.  The Saudi Prince is not far behind her.

How fitting we will be left with three.  These three of course.  Fitting since humans have become psychic vampires in too many cases.

Everything is set and will proceed as planned.   Your writer considers this the best case scenario.  

 He is hopeful.


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