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The Central Sun

The Central Sun is the energy source of our Universe. It is The Divine Core of Our Creation. It may seem like a planet and shines like a sun, but it is very different from those. The Central Sun gives out energy that pulsates throughout our Universe. Our Female God and Male God are both “localized” in the Central Sun energy. Maybe you could say that their energies come out from The Central Sun. Perhaps if you want to connect to Divine Energies, a good place to connect to is The Central Sun. The Original Force of everything existing is not created, but is original. And it is coming through the Central Sun. This place, called the Central Sun, has Original Force (not created) and Creational Forces (created) coming through it. You see there always has to be balance in Creation, so if there is an Original Force, then there is a created force that brings the balance. But the Original Force does not originate in the Central Sun, but rather in a place called Aragone. Aragone is considered to be a gateway into Creation, so it is “before” Creation.

On my page there is a photo with a symbol of the Central Sun in the center and 4 Light Planets that are the closest to the Central Sun around it. The Light coming from the Central Sun is Divine Energy of Light and it is very very strong. It is so strong that the nearest planets to it do not have shadows. Their names are Nektra, Oktra, Assiz, Zazzex.

Love and Light to you all.

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Comment by Betina on January 15, 2009 at 5:15am
And so it will, in great Love and Light:)))))

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