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The Art of Allowing
By Nicky Hamid

Can you live in an unfolding way?

Can you fully allow the Universe, life circumstances, other people, to be as they choose to be without any need to bemoan what is, or to attempt any manipulation to change anything “out there”?

Can you live in an unfolding way? Accept the changes in your event schedules and characteristics without feeling any frustration or victimhood?

Can you step straight into the new place that has unfolded before you (that you have created), without going into panic mode, regret mode, or analysis mode?

Can you be in the new moment of your unfolding, seeing anew, and what is directly in front of you.

Can you live in an unfolding way? Do you know your heart such that you know you are already prepared? The Law of your own unfolding.

How truly, and amazingly beautiful when you can experience the fullness of insights from your mastery, in allowing...+

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