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The Anonymous / QAnon Disinformation War

The Anonymous / QAnon Disinformation War
[6 August 2018] – Well lookie lookie here…

…from The Hill. Let’s have a look at a couple of things it mentions:
In this first excerpt, the propagandists are establishing context, which you’ll read more about shortly…
>>> The wide-ranging and vague “QAnon” touches on a number of popular conspiracy theories: Democrats and prominent Hollywood figures are orchestrating underground pedophile rings; special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is a front for investigating 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former President Obama for their ties to said rings; and hundreds of sealed indictments may have already been handed down in the Clinton case. < In this second excerpt, they’re establishing Anonymous’ anti-Trump credentials… >>> Anonymous has been adamantly opposed to Trump since he announced his candidacy in 2015. The group declared “cyber war” on Trump in March 2016, directing its followers to take down the then-candidate’s websites. < It’s important to realize that both QAnon and Anonymous work for the same people, but they have been assigned to opposing roles in the globalist stage play. According to the NWO script, Anonymous will eventually be identified as a disinformation front that did limited hangout operations for the anti-Trump “bad guys,” and QAnon will be identified as a front the pro-Trump “good guys” used to inform the public on “what was really going on behind the scenes.” Of course, this supposed good guy vs. bad guy conflict is being staged purely for public consumption; it’s all about bringing in the real NWO. You’ll see that very clearly if you read through the whole of this page. This sudden outbreak of information warfare is happening within the context of this QAnon narrative (which makes reference to Alice in Wonderland as its template)… …from Before It’s News (BIN) If you read the article, it is basically a Peace Path narrative that speaks of an October surprise the Trump team has prepared for the Democrats. It also hints that the November 10 military parade in Washington may be a way to get the military into town for “mass arrests” of the “bad guys.” Now if we think about how they’re scripting this, the BIN article revealed the QAnon game plan to the “bad guys,” so the “bad guys” are supposedly ramping up their counter-efforts (such as the Anonymous attack on QAnon and the social media shutdown of faux-truther Alex Jones) as we enter the big showdown. And while it’s theoretically possible that the globalists will proceed with the Peace Path scenario, I’ve observed things that suggest they can also use this setup for starting the civil war and Trump assassination psyops. To see why I say this, have a look at this article from the Washington Post… …Here are three key hints they drop… >>> Council member David Grosso (I-At Large) said that if Trump holds a military parade, he would organize “an equally large parade and march for peace and for nonviolence” to take place simultaneously.
“Maybe this can be a rallying cry for people to come to the nation’s capital and have a demonstration for peace,” he said. < So the first hint is “a large counter-demonstration will be organized.” >>> Mark Plotkin, a D.C. political activist and commentator, said the parade presents an unusual opportunity for the District’s mayor and council to grab the president’s attention.
“If they had the chutzpah and guts to say, ‘We’re not participating, you can’t use public works, the police are not going to be available’ — maybe that would provoke some indignation,” he said. < So the second hint is “D.C. police won’t be available (or, to be more precise, D.C. police will be given a ‘do not intervene’ order like the Democrats have done in other cities).” >>> Lacy MacAuley, a D.C. activist and self-described anti-fascist who was involved in protests on the day of Trump’s inauguration, was skeptical a parade will take place but said demonstrators would show up to decry what she called a “preposterous” display of military might.
“If it became something that had a time and date, I believe that absolutely you could expect to see counterprotesting there,” MacAuley said. < So the third hint is “Antifa will show up.” Now if we put all this together, we get a scenario in which both “non-violent” counter-protesters and Antifa thugs will be bused-in to create chaos. The counter-protesters will “non-violently” block the roads on which the military units are marching, Antifa thugs will attack the troops (who won’t have ammunition for their weapons), and the police will stand by and twiddle their thumbs. Such tumult could be used as cover for an assassination of Trump while he’s in the viewing stands for the parade. This event could then be billed as “the Fort Sumter of the Second Civil War.” As for how they’ll hit Trump, here’s one method they’re telegraphing… …from CBS News. The non-intervening D.C. police would open up a security gap for such an attack, which would have a remarkable similarity to Fort Sumter… >>> …Confederate leaders ordered an attack. Just before sunrise on April 12, 1861, a shell exploded above Fort Sumter. It was the first shot fired in the American Civil War. – from VOA < So will a drone exploding above Donald Trump be the first shot fired in the Second American Civil War? Will he “die” the next day, leaving Pence to be sworn-in on 11/11? P.S. – Look what I found when I searched for Alex Jones’ channel on YouTube today… …Note the well-selected variety of anti-Jones videos — all showing unflattering photos — that showed up in place of his channel. Since Alex Jones is portrayed as steadfastly pro-Trump and the social media giants are portrayed as steadfastly Democrat, this bit of theater is meant to show the public that “the evil Neocon-Neolib-Zionist Deep State is pulling out all the stops in their last-ditch effort to stop Trump’s victory and erect their police state NWO.” And the police state would begin with President Pence cracking down to stop the civil war. The 2018 “Christian victory” promoted by the QAnon narrative would instead become the “Satanist victory” that would leave Putin as “the last (‘Christian’) man standing.” [Addendum – 7 August 2018] – Trump applied economic sanctions to Iran today… …from Twitter And on November 4, another sanctions regime aimed at halting Iran’s oil sales will kick in. So just 6 days before the November 10 military parade in D.C., Trump will be cutting Iran’s economic throat. I find that interesting in light of this… …from War Is Boring Iran has the expertise to fashion effective armed drones for an assassination at the parade, whether they strap C4 and a guidance mechanism to a run-of-the-mill quadcopter or build a fast, stealthy, model-sized suicide plane. So when it comes to an assassination on November 10, Iran has… 1) THE MOTIVE: Trump broke a deal with them and is destroying their economy. 2) THE MEANS: Drone technology. 3) THE OPPORTUNITY: Trump out in the open during the outbreak of chaos at the parade. They’re even on recent record threatening Trump… …from The New York Times Of course, Iran’s Soleimani would never actually kill Trump because they’re both friends of Putin, but the “evil Deep State” would certainly do it and blame him for it. All they’d have to do is provide Antifa with an “Iranian” drone or have a fake “D.C. area-based Iranian terror cell” launch it; “we’re close to you where you can’t even imagine” would come back to haunt Soleimani in that case. And with a successful hit, the “Deep State” would have Trump “dead” AND an excuse to attack Iran. [Addendum 2 – 8 August 2018] – The globalists were planning to use the First Battle of Armageddon as cover for destroying Al-Aqsa Mosque to make way for the Third Temple. So if they take the Peace Path, how will they get rid of Al-Aqsa? Apparently, by imploding it from beneath… …from Middle East Monitor Should the globalists opt for the Peace Path, it will likely mean they’re abandoning their double fulfillment strategy and aiming for a single fulfillment, and that would include (in chronological order)… the release of damning information about current Western leaders, followed by snap elections that will put Putin-friendly leaders in place; reform of the UN once France and the UK are under Putin-friendly leaders (this will make all P5 nations Putin-friendly); Putin’s ascension to de facto or de jure leadership of the “new, reformed” UN / NWO; “disclosure” of a (fake) alien presence prior to Putin, Xi and others being presented as “Avatars sent by God”; and a big war and final climactic battle with the NWO + “Putin’s aliens” on one side and “hostile incoming aliens” on the other. These (fake) incoming aliens will be proclaimed as the “Second Coming of Jesus and his angels,” and this would happen at the 7-year mark of Putin’s global reign. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++NEW MATERIAL++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [Addendum 3 – 9 August 2018] – Let’s start looking a bit deeper into the coming “prophecy fulfillment” by starting with the first and second points: 1) the release of damning information about current Western leaders, followed by snap elections that will put Putin-friendly leaders in place and 2) reform of the UN once France and the UK are under Putin-friendly leaders. It all begins with Hillary Clinton’s email server… …from the BBC According to the NWO script, Hillary traveled the world during her time as US Secretary of State, interacting and communicating with the entire global “Satanist network” in the process. So her email server supposedly contains information on pretty much all high-level “Satanist” agents and activities worldwide (including those in Western Europe). And this is where the globalists bring in the QAnon psyop. First, they had Clinton’s Secret Service agents set a small fire on her Chappaqua compound and then extinguish it… >>> The Secret Service said an agency employee called the fire department at around 2:40 p.m. “to report a small fire in the ceiling of the second floor in a detached structure located behind the Clintons’ residence,” and said fire extinguishers were used.
The fire department inspected the area to ensure the fire was out, the Secret Service said. – from NBC News < Afterwards, they had their QAnon disinformation front suggest that the fire was due to a covert operation to seize the server. And just like that, their narrative has placed the server into the hands of Trump and Co., thereby creating the setup for the coming limited-hangout exposures they’re going to do on “Satanic leaders” in the US, the British Commonwealth, and Western Europe. These revelations will lead to political upheaval and new elections in all those nations, and the thusfar suppressed and ridiculed “right-wing populist parties” will surge into power. And why do the globalists want Putin-friendly populists (like Farage in the UK and Le Pen in France) to take power in Western Europe? To turn this board all green… As for why they want the board all green, it’s because of this article of the United Nations Charter… …from Under the current rules of the UN, any one of the five permanent members of the Security Council can stop any change to the UN Charter. And the UN Charter must be changed in order to transform it into the NWO. So the globalists are engineering the fall of their old Western Establishment to enable new leaders to rise and UN reform to move forward. Of course, they could order their UN minions to make the changes tomorrow if they really wanted to. But that would leave the public scratching their heads and asking why. They’re therefore staging the current political conflict and “good guy” victory to make the change seem logical and natural to the public. More to come… To read the previous entry, click here: Globalist Agenda Watch 2018: Update 20 – The Kabbalists’ efforts to restart the 7-year prophecy cycle. An Introduction to What’s Really Going On Beyond the false paradigm presented to the sleeping public through the mainstream media, academia, and religion — and beyond the new false paradigm presented to the awakening public through the controlled alternative media — there is the truth of what’s really going on in our world. This blog is dedicated to exposing that truth for all to see. What follows are four articles that will bring you up to speed on the basics. They are… THE RED PILL: A Short Overview of the True Globalist Agenda Understanding the NWO Strategy The NWO Schedule of Implementation 2018 The Compendium But before you read them, it seems appropriate to remind you of a warning from The Matrix movie… “You take the blue pill [by leaving this website now] — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. All I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.”

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