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Trudy's Truth ;-)

Intuition is your purest sense, and it is in my realisation that it can not be achieved by unconditionally accepting everything in the form of love .. an example: I know a person, but this person is a liar, but that is okay because it is expected of me that I love this person unconditionally ... and in the meanwhile he goes on and on with the lie!!! 
Why must I accept a lie and lower my vibration.. all for the good case of unconditional love?
Isn't that why we living in this world today the lie we live!?!

I give my Love not to liars, but I will give forgiveness after Truth confessions and then, and only then, I will and can Love in unconditional equality ♥

LOVE = LIVING ONE VIBRATIONAL ENERGY can only be done in the purest form of honesty and integrity for every living Being on our Beloved Earth ~*L*~

And I ain't gonna go for less, Truth exist, your intuition will tell you ;-) and only by Truth, ~ LOVE~ will prevail :D


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