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Star Portals and Alignments Peggy Black and the 'team'

Star Portals and Alignments
Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here celebrating with you and supporting you as you are being triggered by the intense, yet lovely, gift of energy from your galactic family. This gift is of the highest integrity and intention from the sacred realms of truth and love.

These intensifying energies being transferred into this dimension, as you have been made aware, are specific portals available for all, especially those who are ready to be activated. You might call these energy downloads star portals or star gates. During these energy gifts there is an alignment of dimensions and the opportunity is presented for the veils between dimensions to thin. This is also the time to stay in your joy, gratitude and appreciation. You are more receptive when vibrating a high clear, cohesive vibration generated by these pure emotions.

We remind you of the importance of drinking much water and being sure that you give your physical body good nourishment, quiet rest as well as time outdoors. This is an opportunity to allow the frequency transfer that is being offered to be assimilated into...+

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