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Hello, Dear Friends,
I am in love.  My heart is swelling with laughter and joy at the wonderful things we have ahead, but even more so, with the exquisite pleasure of being here with our Kathryn, in the deep woods of Quebec, looking out at the wondrous lake where we came to spend a few days in meditation and channeling.  The lake is completely silent today, even though it is Saturday.  There are no motor boats here, no jet skis to break the beautiful sense of communion with God.
A bird is singing in a nearby tree.  It is the only sound, save the quiet lapping of the ripples along the shore.  It is here that we wrote the prose-poem to Nature which we called "The Hawk and the Hummingbird."  It was near the time that she was finishing her book, and we included it as a light and loving note to express our deep love for Mother Terra.  It was inspired by thrilling encounters with the birds, animals and insects which came to visit us during that wondrous September week, almost three years ago.
Did you know that we too revel in the sensuous delights here on Planet Earth?  Of course we do.  We are not sitting on a cloud peering down our noses at you, or far off on a distant space ship waiting to come to you.  We are here beside you, hearing the same bird singing that you hear, tasting the clean, clear air of a sunny summer morning in the woods.  We especially enjoy meeting you in nature because the silence you hear is alive for us with the sounds of trees singing, insects humming, and Mother Earth breathing.
Let me try to describe to you what our experience is as we accompany you through your lives on the surface of the planet.  Since our ears are tuned to the higher vibrations, we hear a greater range of sound than you do in a human body.  Yes, we hear the din of traffic and the airplanes above and the voices from across the courtyard, in addition to the singing of the flowers and the voice of the breezes, and the heartbeat of the galaxy.  This is why we enjoy being in nature with you.  It does not require us to "step-down" our sensitivities when we linger close to you.
I am especially fond of the northern woods, having spent lifetimes with the Native American tribes of the Iroquois nation.  It was where we - Lady Portia and I - learned the deep and abiding love of nature, as well as the strong and fair traditions of governance which were the inspiration - although not as thoroughly as we would have liked - of what became the Constitution of the United States of America.  As you know, it has been distorted and co-opted by the corporations of the cabal, but the original document stands as a good beginning, because it captured the spirit and the intention of equality and freedom.  That original intent will yet be accomplished, and She will soon stand as a beacon for all of humanity - a true melting pot of all races, all nationalities and all religions living in harmony.  This is our Dream.
As I speak these words, I am reminded of the delightful song, "...When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planet, and Love will steer the stars.  This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquarius.....Aquarius..."  It was sung by the group who called themselves "The Fifth Dimension."  They were ahead of their time, were they not?  It is always thus; the artists and musicians are the harbingers of things to come.   They speak to us of hope for the future, the better day we can envision together when we hear their melodies and see the images they paint for us.  When our beloved Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling with the monumental image of God passing his spark of Love and Light to Adam, he was not just connected to God; he was One with the energy and Love which guided his brush and filled his heart.
Be that artist.  Sing the songs of Love in your heart.  Practice them in the shower, and sing them to your young children.  Children have no judgment about whether your voice is operatic or plain.  They hear only the message of Love you express.  If you can also carry a tune, that is a plus, but not a necessity.  The ears of a child are tuned to higher dimensions as well.  They speak to us freely, see the fairies hiding in the forest, and feel the presence of their Guides and Angels around them.  If you are respectful and matter-of-fact about your knowledge of such things, you may be lucky enough to hear the child tell of mystical experiences and magical visions.
When you pick up your pen (or your computer) to write, feel the flow of Love, like a river of energy.  Place yourself in that flow and let it free your mind and your throat chakra, the center of expression which has been so suppressed for so many of you.  Promise me and yourself that you will never again say the words, "...but I'm not creative at all." This, Beloveds, is a straight-up impossibility.  You are a member of the Creator race.  There is not a one of you who does not possess that spark which Michelangelo felt.
Perhaps your greatest gift is the ability to tell an interesting, animated story, or perhaps you have a talent for seeing spacial relationships - feeling the rightness of harmonious proportions of a structure, or where the furniture should be placed, or the perfect height for the monumental sculpture you will create.  Perhaps your sense of color is highly developed, or your ability to hear 1/16th of a note on the scale.  Perhaps your art is in your ability to look deeply into the eyes of a stranger and feel deeply where they have been and what they need, or perhaps you have a highly developed sense of taste which allows you to invent tasty new dishes for your family, or you are fearlessly able to climb heights, to scale a mountain or repair a steep roof.  You see, the possibilities are infinite.
You are truly created in the image of God.  This is not just a nice saying to help you feel better about your poor inferior self.  You are God.  You carry in your genetic make-up the essence of God.  Each one of you is a sparkling facet of the brilliance which is God.  No being can be outside the circle of God's love, nor outside the Truth that we are all One.  You may have lost track of your knowing, in the rush of life, but now, Dear Ones, join me, reach for me, and in doing so you will reach for your own Higher God Self.
There is no greater happiness than to accept the cloak of Divinity, with humility, gratitude and joy.  It is your birthright, your destiny, and your great triumph.  We envision the time when all humankind, and all the creatures and conscious beings of Planet Earth and beyond are joined in the pure and glittering Light of eternal Love.
I love you beyond words, and I speak from the heart of the Company of Heaven when I say 'Namaste, Beloved, Namaste.'  The God in me humbly bows to the God in you.  
I am your Adamos St. Germain.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 19, 2014, 12 PM, Lac Chevreuil, Quebec

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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