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Solar Codes Integration By Natalia Alba

Solar Codes Integration
By Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

At a time when we are still working on reclaiming our sovereignty, and hence freedom, towards the many manipulations that exist in our 3D matrix, we are being hit by Solar waves that are translated in our human view as heat ones, even in the countries where it is winter now.

We need to understand that beyond our perception of what may cause these heat waves, lies the solar codes together with the Lions Gate frequencies that may be felt incredibly strong in our bodies, but that are the ones that trigger the necessary shift that needs to occur for us to continue with the transformation that we have consciously chosen.

Our family from Andromeda, masters in the art of adapting to change, for it is what we have agreed when we signed for this experience, are helping many of us who wish to co-create with these benevolent beings to integrate these current energetic waves, as they trigger the integration of such an amount of light, that we may not know how to properly direct towards our bodies.

These solar/heat waves are meant to help us open our heart center, for ...+

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