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Sleeping Giants

~ This has always been something that fascinated your writer.  Perhaps one day some of you may hear his stories in this regard, but this is not the time or place for that. ~

Many races can be quite tall.   Humanoid races can be much taller than our version of human.  Reptilians and other ETs tend to grow taller than we do also.

Giants are considered to be such because they will grow larger than any other species on the planet they are on.  Not just taller but all around larger.

Giants originate from three different planets and interbreed to to create new species as well.  All well planned out and monitored to serve a function. The planet the originate from is also the home of one of our many "Tall Blonde" frequent visitors.   The best name your writer knows for the planet is Gionus.   It is in an older section of the Galaxy.

Due to their size and tendency to grow they would overpopulated their own planet very quickly and so the "Tall Blondes" they shared their planet with began distributing them on developing worlds.  The Giants would help developing races build structures as dwellings and even to harness spiritual energy from the planet and cosmos.

As generations passed for these giants placed on new (to them) planets they would adjust accordingly to the frequency of their new world.  Increasing or decreasing in size or even shape.  They would begin to view these new planets as "home" and never have any interest to return elsewhere.

Two planets that fit this mould have existed (or still exist) near Earth.  Mars and a destroyed planet your writer calls Tiamat.

The Giants on Tiamat had been there a very long time.  Many generations and had become native to the planet.

The Giants on Mars were viewed as invaders.  Not welcomed by the true natives.

During the war that ended Atlantis, just before Tiamat was destroyed,  it was partially evacuated as was Mars and the Moon. These refugees came to Earth.  With them came three different types of Giants.  ( As well as other beings who are taller than us )

One type are very humanoid in appearance with enlarged features much like the faces of many ancient statues such as those found on Easter Island.

Another directly related to the first are shorter than the first and wider than a regularly shaped human.  ( Your writer sees them as similar to the Incredible Hulk. )

The third type known of is more like a giant dark elf or troll.  Not very well tempered or helpful.  A native to Tiamat type.

All three types lived on earth between 35 and 13 thousand years ago mainly, some smaller tribes lasting right up until quite recently.   They helped humanity rebuild after the destruction and offered whatever guidance they could.

When the Draco arrived they fought them.  Many were killed.  Many were captured.   Some escaped.

Many of those who escaped elected to be placed in stasis on earth.  To be awoken when the Draco rule was ended.  Some of the smaller tribes were left alone or remained of the radar well enough to avoid the attention of the Draco.

The Draco also placed many who they captured in stasis as well, in case they ever became useful, and some were used as slaves for a time.

These are the beings who began to wake up last winter. 

Thankfully only a handful of locations experienced the anomaly power failure events.  So only the handful of interventions were required.

The technology and methods differed between the willing beings and the imprisoned type.  The difference between Draco technology and the tech of others.

The willing beings claimed to dream and even perceive the outside world.

The imprisoned being reported a nightmare like artificial dreamscape.

Each type required oxygen and simply appeared to be sleeping.  Some died in this state at times.

Your writer was able to speak with all three types and come to understand them as well as he could in a short period.

The third type described was not very friendly, as may be expected, and would have been very dangerous is left unattended.  He wanted to attack any Draco he could find and anyone else who tried to stop him or who he perceived as a threat and required being talked down.  (A single being of this type awakened)

The second type were not very knowledgeable.  They reminded your writer of overgrown versions of Samwise Gamgee.  (The awakening site contained several beings)

The first type was very wise and benevolent.  They have a memory sharing gift that allows another to witness their experiences while peering into their eyes. ( easy for a human since their eyes are the size of some flat screens )  Their own personal experiences are coupled with the collective experience of all of their kind.  All types of Giants.  This knowledge can be recalled by any of them.

What they didn't want the controllers of this planet to know (or one thing), is that there are many more of them in stasis here than these controllers are aware.   Their stasis program had actually begun for an different reason, even before the Draco arrived.  These sites are hidden in such a way that the Draco were never likely to have found them.  Some they did, but not all.

These sites have been monitored by other Giants who the Draco have unknowingly allowed to come attend what they had told the Draco"sacred sites".  The Draco assumed this was merely something sentimental in nature.   They have deceived the deceivers.

As they awaken a decision will be made as to whether they can stay here and join us, or whether they should be moved elsewhere.  They will make this decision for themselves when the time comes.

This decision is not set.


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